Ep 41 | Grow your Email List with Quizzes

Having a robust email list helps you grow your business…but how do you get people on your list?  I'm chatting with Linda and Wendy about how quizzes can help your email list soar.

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Having an email list is important.  And having a quiz is a great way to give people value while giving you an opportunity to nurture them and eventually turn them into paying customers.

What You'll Learn

(5:26) Where do you start?
(8:20) How do you get in front of new audiences?
(11:21) What email service providers do you love most?
(13:15) Software for creating a quiz
(14:21) How do you drive traffic to your quiz or lead magnet?
(17:15) Creating your welcome sequence
(20:55) How many lead magnets should you have?
(22:43) Does this work for both product and service-based industries?
(25:09) How do you add value to your audience?
(27:30) Where might people get stuck?


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Wendy and Linda

Wendy and Linda

Owners, The Email Collection

Meet Wendy and Linda, owners of The Email Collection!

They are two work from home moms turned Email Marketing course creators that reside in the Pacific Northwest! Wendy is a digital marketing strategist with over 20 years of eCommerce experience. Linda is an email marketing strategist that understands the skill to be your authentic self while serving others.

Together they harness the ability to help women entrepreneurs build a foundation for their business by leveraging Email Marketing.

Take their quiz and follow them on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theemailcollection/


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