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September Bonus Episodes

Bonus Episode 5Bonus Episode 2 Bonus Episode #1 This episode was featured on Easy Style with Sami and is all about learning from each opportunity to build your dream opportunity. Lori Eich shares her approach to life and how there is a lesson in everything. And why...

Ep 222 | What are you Famous For? with Craig Alexander

Ep 222 | What are you Famous For? with Craig Alexander

Being known for something is what allows you get a faster path to donations. It makes it clear to people what you do and how you serve. And it builds trust with potential donors because it is clear where the funds will go. While you do lots of things in your...

Ep 221 | Creating a Language Guide

Ep 221 | Creating a Language Guide

A language guide is a part of your branding materials that helps ensure your entire organization is speaking the same way and your copy is consistent. Putting together a word doc that allows you to keep the terms and phrases you us as well as your ideal customer makes...

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