Digital Marketing Therapy

Digital Marketing Therapy is all about helping you take action and get your marketing done without being overwhelmed. Each week there are step-by-step actions you can take, advice from other business owners, and other marketing experts to round it all out.

Ep 157 | Build Better Relationships with Networking

Wouldn't it feel amazing to not have anxiety when you show up to a networking event or a conference? There are so many things that come into our heads when we show up but a few simple mind flips can really help with creating a better experience for you. Brendan has...

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Ep 156 | How To Come Up with Content Ideas

Coming up with ideas on what to title your content can be a roadblock when it comes to being consistent with your content. With these simple and quick tips you will no longer have an issue with coming up with ideas! This is a great episode especially if you have a...

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Ep 155 | Tasks You Can Batch For More Efficiency

When you put similar tasks together you get more done in less time. This is because you're not wasting brain energy on thinking about different tasks and switching between the resources to get them done. You might be wondering what that means as far as types of tasks...

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Ep 154 | My Updated Morning Routine

A morning routine is nothing new, but since January our schedules have changed and with it my morning routine. It's been a while since I've shared what my mornings look like so I thought why not now! What you'll learn: → why a morning routine helps productivity.→ my...

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Ep 153 | Streamlining Your Team and Getting More Done

Finding employees right now can be difficult. So how can we streamline what we're doing and make the most of the employees we have. It comes to thinking outside of the box when it comes to job roles and thinking about who does what.  What you'll learn: → how to...

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Ep 152 | Building Your Brand Message with Ashlee Sang

Hopefully you've done the work to determine who you're talking to and how to find where they are so you can reach them. Now it's time to make sure that everything you putting out there matches up with who you have determined as your ideal donor and customer. It starts...

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