Digital Marketing Therapy

Digital Marketing Therapy is all about helping you take action and get your marketing done without being overwhelmed. Each week there are step-by-step actions you can take, advice from other business owners, and other marketing experts to round it all out.

Ep 134 | Setting Goals for 2022

Are you someone who makes new year’s resolutions or not? In this episode, we discuss consistency, showing up, balanced work life, and how you can set your goals for the year. In addition, we look at professional and financial goals, how you can achieve them and focus...

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Ep 133 | End of Year Reflections

In our last episode of 2021, I want to take a minute to reflect and take some time to walk you through some of the processes that I do at the end of the year and what I do when I’m planning for the next year. What you will learn: → What I love doing at the end of the...

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Ep 132 | Mastering Local SEO with Wendall Jordan

Either way, you want to look at how quickly your site is loading. And you also want to make sure that you're understanding that the best way to do this, as silly as it sounds, is to give it to someone that, you know, give your URL to somebody that you know and ask...

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Ep 131 | Embracing the Intrapreneur with RJ Grimshaw

Intrapreneurship from a pure definition perspective is just really a person that takes a entrepreneurial attitude and utilizes that within a company. So an example of that is I'm currently the CEO President for an equipment finance company based in Ann Arbor,...

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Ep 130 | Marketing Lessons from Stranger Things

I recently just finished the first three seasons of the Stranger Things series and now waiting for the fourth season in 2022. Whether you’re a fan or not, the series has some key marketing lessons I learned that I’m going to share with you. Here are the five things...

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