Digital Marketing Therapy

Digital Marketing Therapy is all about helping you take action and get your marketing done without being overwhelmed. Each week there are step-by-step actions you can take, advice from other business owners, and other marketing experts to round it all out.

Ep 195 | Copy and Your Website with Kara Duncan

The words on your website make a huge impact on if people keep diving deeper into your organization or if they move on. They help visitors determine if you are the right people to solve the problem they have. This along with a great design can increase conversions....

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Ep 194 | 7 Ways to Maximize Calls to Action on Your Website

Calls to action (CTAs) are critical to guiding people where to go for the next step with your organization. Are you utilizing them to the best of your ability? Here are seven ways to encourage your visitors to take the right action at the right time on your website....

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Ep 193 | Marketing Hasn't Changed At All

Marketing hasn't really changed that much, just HOW we market. It's time to take a step back and think about the actions we're taking. Do they make sense for what we're trying to accomplish, or are we doing them because we think we need to. This episode walks you...

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Ep 192 | How Listening Can Help You With Your Marketing

What can we learn when we listen? When we show up to conversations it is so tempting to talk all about ourselves and the incredible things we do. That might not get us the results we want because we aren't learning about how our organization could benefit the person...

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