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Helping Non-Profits Raise More Money Online

Being a non-profit can be tricky, especially now! Let us help you with fundraising strategies that can be done entirely online to help you raise more money and get in front of the audiences you serve.

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Recent Podcasts

Ep 113 | I Hired a VA

Ep 113 | I Hired a VA

What You'll Learn How can a virtual assistant help your business? There are reasons to hire them as your company and business are growing and you can find a VA to handle a variety of different types of tasks inside of your organization. In this episode you'll learn:...

Ep 112 – Power of the Handwrytten Card with David Wachs

Ep 112 – Power of the Handwrytten Card with David Wachs

How do you thank you donors? And does it happen just after they've received their gift or do you thank them various times throughout the year? Sending a thank you card that is personalized and handwritten can make a major impact and set you apart from the other...

Ep 111 | Where to Start With Tracking Data with Chris Mercer

Ep 111 | Where to Start With Tracking Data with Chris Mercer

Data can be powerful but it can also be overwhelming. Chris Mercer joins me on this episode to talk about how to get started with collecting your data and some amazing free tools to help make it easier. In this episode you'll learn: → why you shouldn't be scared or...

Ep 110 | Lessons Learned About Online Fundraising Events

Ep 110 | Lessons Learned About Online Fundraising Events

What You'll Learn Creating a subscription model for your nonprofit can be a fun way to engage with your donors and keep them coming back for more. Paul Chambers joins me on this episode to talk about ways to create your donor experience and some examples of companies...

“Sami is a great teacher! I recently did one of her online courses and I enjoyed how easy she made it. The overwhelm was totally removed by her ability to break it down into smaller, understandable steps! She creates worksheets to guide you and everything is presented in a simple, easy to follow format. Sami makes thing easy for busy professionals, by teaching how to organize, by breaking down the many tasks into smaller tasks and by creating planning templates that are actually executable. Great job!!”

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The First Click is an extremely professional and thorough company. Their knowledge and expertise gets you to a level of freedom in your business that allows you to be hands-on and personal, but also enjoy life as a business owner. I would recommend this company to anyone who is trying to get to the next level of business where they can have a successful balance of life and work. After 5 minutes with Sami, I was learning and making plans towards bettering my business.

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Meet our Founder

The First Click was founded by me, Sami Bedell-Mulhern. In 2017, I started my freelance business, H & E Marketing Solutions, helping small business owners, entrepreneurs and non-profits create and execute their digital strategies in Bend, OR.

While I enjoyed working with clients one-on-one, so many people came to me needing help, but they were in a place in their business where paying a consultant just wasn’t an option. 

So, I decided to create an education hub to give them access to FREE resources as well as courses for a deep dive!

I believe in the business you’re trying to build, and the impact you can make in your community – so let’s do this!

9 Ways for Non-Profits to Raise More Money Online pdf

9 Ways for Non-Profits to Raise Money Online

Maybe your big fundraising events have been canceled.

Or maybe you're not bringing in the revenue you normally do because you can't provide services like you used to.

You might even need to raise MORE money because the audience you serve is more in need right now.

Whatever the case - these 9 ideas for fundraising online will help you get online and grow your business.

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