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Sami Bedell-Mulhern

The First Click was founded by me, Sami Bedell-Mulhern. In 2017, I started my freelance business, H & E Marketing Solutions, helping small business owners, entrepreneurs and non-profits create and execute their digital strategies in Bend, OR.  

While I enjoyed working with clients one-on-one, so many people came to me needing help, but they were in a place in their business where paying a consultant just wasn’t an option. 

So, I decided to create an education hub to give them access to FREE resources as well as courses for a deep dive!

I believe in the business you’re trying to build, and the impact you can make in your community – so let’s do this!

Berkley Bedell

My life as a storyteller began at a young age, returning from family trips with excited stories of worlds much different than that of my home in small town Iowa. After high school I moved to Colorado where I began casting out on my own adventures, exploring the state with friends at every opportunity – sometimes even venturing outside Colorado’s borders.

Photography became an aspect of my stories in 2004 – while living in Aspen, CO. Inspired by the beauty of the landscapes; I began shooting with a digital camera my mother had given me as a high school graduation present – my first camera. My passion for photography exploded, leading me to enroll at the Art Institute of Colorado. I graduated from the photography program in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts, winning the Portfolio Excellence Award. Following graduation, I continued my travels, seeking out projects around world, including: the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, Tanauan City, Philippines and the Masai Mara National Reserve in southern Kenya.

My work is an ever-growing collection of the experiences and adventures I’ve been fortunate enough to embark on. From the complex relationships that form Earth’s natural systems to the distinctiveness of our cultures, I am constantly seeking out the opportunity to create compelling stories about our world. By creating and sharing these stories I hope to not only to understand more about our planet, but also to inspire others to cast out on their adventures.

Berkley Bedell

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