Tips for Facebook Live

What is Facebook Live?  Let's start with the basics.

Facebook Live allows you to broadcast live to your audience and talk about whatever you want.  So what might you want to talk about?

  • New product launch
  • Q & A session
  • Behind the scenes footage
  • Information about current products

What Equipment do you Need?

When you're just starting out you really don't need more than your mobile phone, or a computer with a built-in camera. You don't need a full production studio with multiple cameras and professional mics.

What should you know before you go live?

Practice, practice, practice!  Go to your Facebook page and click “Start a Live Video.”  This should be right under where you write a post.  From there you'll have a lot of settings on the right side of your video. Select your personal Facebook page and then select “Only Me” from your privacy settings.  Then away you go!  You can feel comfortable going live and recording what you want and no one will see it.

Key things to check is your lighting, audio and just an overall comfortableness with the camera.

Your Facebook Live strategy should be part of your overall content marketing plan.  If you plan on making Facebook Live a regular part of your strategy then plan the content out in advance so you can make sure they are all connected.  Remember quality over quantity and consistency matters.  Keep your customers coming back to your page each week for a series, or monthly for new product launches, whatever makes the most sense for your business.

Make sure you know what you're going to talk about – write out an agenda so you don't miss topics you want to touch on.  Remember – even the most seasoned professionals have scripts for their live posts!

When You're Live.

Your customers are right in front of you (even though you can't see them).  Don't forget to interact with them.  Acknowledge that they are there.  See a regular customer of yours?  Say hi and make them feel special.  If you can have someone help you with answering comments and questions that is even better.

What to do with the Live is Done.

You probably didn't get to all the questions and comments that people asked during the live broadcast.  No sweat!  Once your Live is completed then the video will remain on the feed or group that you posted it to, as will all the comments.  Go back through and answer them within 24 hours.  This not only helps with customer service to your audience, it also creates more engagement on Facebook to give you more reach.

If you have a YouTube page then it's also a great way to repurpose this stream by uploading the video to your YouTube Channel.

Want to take Your Live to the Next Level?

So maybe you've done a few Facebook Live videos and you're ready to have a more professional look.  Or maybe you need more options like interview style videos with someone else that isn't in the room with you.

At The First Click we love BeLive for live streaming.  There are several features from screen sharing, to talk show formats and custom branding.  And while those features aren't free – they are totally cost-effective.


Don't be scared of live posting.  It is a great way to be authentic with your audience and learn from them about what they like, need, want from your products and services.

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