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Building a business is hard work. 


Not only do you have to be the CEO, the product developer, customer service, marketing director, but also a web developer???
Where does it end!!

Getting people to see your product or fall in love with your service is all you need, and you know building a website is a part of that, but this is NOT what you signed up for when you started your business.

Get the website you’ve always wanted without the overwhelm AND that you can control and grow as your business does the same.


Finally feel confident that you’re getting the leads you WANT from your website

Does this sound like you?

  • Your website was built a while ago, but you’ve never really loved it.
  • Building a website on another platform seemed like a good idea at the time, but now you’ve outgrown their capabilities.
  • It’s time to finally jump into the online space and have a website you’re as proud of as you are your business.

You have a couple of choices

  1. Don’t build a website, struggle with that decision knowing your competitors have an online presence, and just hope for the best.
  2. Take charge of your destiny! Ditch the perfection complex plaguing you, and get something up that represents your business (even if it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles…yet!).

Most people have tried to build a website on their own, and probably on WordPress, and have found it not to bee the easiest thing.  So they go to Google and fall down the rabbit hole of tutorial videos that leave them more confused than they were to begin with.

Or every time you ask, “what builder should I use” you get 50 million different answers, but no one can really help you get the website up and running.

You don't have time for that! You have a business to run.

Now imagine if you could have a website that you felt confident in building and editing.

Never again feel like your need to REDO your website.  

Introducing Your Starter Site

This is a course that helps you build your own website without wanting to pull your hair out.

This course was born from conversation after conversation with business owners and entrepreneurs that had been burned by developers in the past or had DIY’d their website and just couldn’t get it to where they were seeing results.

This on demand training allows you to start where you're at!

Each of the 9 modules will walk you step by step through the basics from buying your domain and setting up your hosting to adding analytics and tracking and launching.  

If you’ve watched website tutorials, or taken courses like this before, I promise we’re different.



Your Starter Site

Your Starter Site came at the perfect time for me.  Relying mostly on referrals to gain new business, my website started as a basic calling card but was not a good reflection of what I did or who I helped.  I was ready to overhaul my WordPress site once again but most importantly, to create the content that would accurately reflect my business consulting practice.  The First Click provided the guidance to further document my brand message and the technical support and resources to continue and maintain that growth.

Megan Fries headshot


Megan Fries Frenzy to Freedom

Overwhelm is real

We’ve made sure to not just show you HOW to do things, but how to “speak the language” and feel confident in the entire process.

And we don’t just leave you hanging.

Need more support…we have a VIP option that gives you access to us for extra support.

This is for you if:

  • You aren’t happy with your existing website
  • You want your website to get to the next level
  • You don’t want to pay for a designer, but want to have a website that looks like you did
  • You aren’t plagued by perfection and understand that a website is a living, breathing creature
  • You want to take charge of your website, maintain control and be a boss.

This isn't for you if:

  • You don’t know what your business goals are
  • Growing your visibility isn’t something you need or want
  • WordPress (more specifically the Divi theme) is not something you want to use

During this course you will be guided by two amazing instructors!

We are a brother-sister team that has worked with countless businesses building their websites FOR them.  We have challenged them on their business/website goals and helped them gain clarity in the role their websites play in their digital marketing strategy, and how to take it to the next level.

headshot of Sami Bedell-Mulhern, Founder ofThe First Click

Sami Bedell-Mulhern

Founder, The First Click

A few years ago, I left my corporate job handling the marketing for an international guitar manufacturer. While I loved my job, I realized that my passion was working with small businesses and helping them tell their stories.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs have so much passion and work really hard. With all the innovations in marketing, creating a cohesive marketing strategy seems daunting. So instead, you try one thing and then another, and get frustrated in the process.

I started The First Click to help businesses get away from that feeling of overwhelm. By teaching classes on individual topics, geared towards the beginner, I help people just like you tackle one thing at a time, see success and continue to grow.

My experience working with startup nonprofits established corporate companies, and everything in between, allows me to problem-solve and create opportunities for all business types, whether they are B2B, B2C or non-profit. I look forward to seeing you in the group!

Berkley Bedell

Berkley Bedell

After spending several years traveling the world as a photographer, I landed in Denver working in marketing. From email marketing to content creation and website design, I had my hands in all facets of digital marketing.
In 2017, I started working with The First Click and partner company H & E Marketing Solutions. Focusing on website design and development, I work with clients on 1:1 projects as well as providing technical support for the students in Your Starter Site and the Website Laboratory.

When I’m not working I’m running around with my two dogs Kenai and Trey as well as getting outside to continue to take amazing outdoor photographs

By now, you’re probably feeling stress and anxiety.  That’s why we created Your Starter Site.

We know you can do this and with our ongoing support, you’ll achieve more than you thought possible.

The moment when a student shares their completed website is exactly what we live for.  We are your biggest cheerleader. And helping to get your unique gift, product and service out in the world is EVERYTHING!

Now is the time to stop feeling beat down by your website and instead, feel energized by it.

Imagine smiling when people say, I found you online, instead of cringing because you know that your website not only looks beautiful, it sounds like the best version of your business.

You can do this!

Today, you can take charge of your online destiny and build a website you are proud to call yours.

Join us!

So how does it work?

We will teach you how to build your website on WordPress using the Divi by Elegant Themes

9 On-Demand Modules containing 50+ Videos

Modules cover topics from writing copy and planning your goals to setting up the tech and creating your custom design.

Lifetime access to course material

Lifetime here means for as long as this course exists.  We intend to keep this course going for a long time.  And as we make updates due to software changes, you'll get access to those as well.

Our Amazing Bonuses

Website (re)Design Workbook ($47 value)

Its important that you go into this process with elements in place.  This helps you focus and not be overwhelmed.  When you already know the content you need and the functionality you want on your website, then all you have to do is execute!  This workbook is filled with exercises to help you get all your ducks in a row BEFORE you even buy your domain!

Website Copy Masterclass ($75 value)

Don’t know where to start when it comes to putting words on your homepage? This 22-minute power training gives you a 4-step process to writing your website copy. Go behind the scenes with Sarah Cook, a seasoned copywriter and StoryBrand Certified Guide. Follow her 7-part template to writing homepage copy that converts. Become the copywriting whiz for your business!

Canva 101 : How to Create Graphics Easily ($50 value)

We love Canva as a tool for the non-designer. It makes creating consistency in all your graphics simple and easy. This training will show you how to add branding to your account, find simply and easy to use layouts, keep things organized for consistency and time saving and so much more.

Legal Requirements for Your Website ($50 value)

Now that your business is going to be seen by so many more people, it's important to have the legal elements in place to ensure you are covered.  This bonus training will give you the BASICS of what must be on your site. However, since we aren't lawyers, we still recommend consulting with one to ensure that your particular business is covered.

Our favorite Premium Plugins ($75 value)

While you probably aren't ready for all the bells and whistles yet, we still want to make sure you know what your website CAN do.  And since you have lifetime access to the course, you'll be able to revisit these mini trainings at any time.  This list of preferred premium plugins will be your go-to resource so you don't get lost trying to figure out what tech you should use.

What will I learn?

Each module has it's own topic and will provide training on one element of the website building process!

book icon

Module 1: Plan First

Getting organized before you start building your website will make it all a much smoother process. We'll guide you through specific activities that will help you define. your goals, the content you'll need and ensure all your branding elements are ready to go.


Module 2: Getting Prepped

There are some things you'll need to set up your website. This module walks you through setting up your domain and hosting, getting WordPress and Divi. setup, and some core components of WordPress that are important to understand.

icon of laptop with gear in the middle

Module 3: How Divi Works

The Divi Theme is very robust. Once you understand its structure and how to make the designs your own then it becomes really easy. This module will walk you through all the elements of Divi so you determine what you want to build on each page before you get started.

stacked building blocks icon

Module 4: Divi Modules

This training walks you through several of the different types of modules that Divi offers. These are the main modules that you will use when you're building. This will be a module that you'll reference over and over as your continue your work on the website.

wireframe icon

Module 5: Website Skeleton

There are a few things that live on almost all of the pages of. yourwebsite. This module walks you through creating your main menu, footer and a splash page if you need it beofre your website is ready. It also includes some other key elements for building your overall website.

hammer and wrench crossed icon

Module 6: Building Your Website

This module walks you through building all the pages you'll need for your website as well as some tricks for functionality that we see and use over and over again.

connected puzzle pieces icon

Module 7: Plugins

The beauty of WordPress is that it can be customized to do anything you need using plugins. We're sharing our favorite plugins that we use on nearly ALL the websites we build. Bonus perk is you can use the free versions of them for almost everything you need.

speed meter icon

Module 8: Analytics and Optimization

Once your website is built you want to know what's working and what's not. This module sets up your analytics and walks through some simple tools to optimize for speed, mobile friendliness and SEO.

rocket ship launching out of computer monitor icon

Module 9: Launch and Maintenance

Now that you're live with your website there are a few things to pay attention to and ways. to keep you website up and running.

Here's the bottom line:

Learn the marketing skills you need to propel your business forward.

Make more MONEY in your business doing the marketing tactics that make the most sense for your target audience.

Network with other businesses facing the same struggles you’re having.

Get individualized coaching to help you get unstuck.

Analyze your efforts so you know you’re making an impact on your business

End the overwhelm, struggle and fear that you’re not doing the right thing.

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First payment immediately, 2nd payment after 3 months.

2 Payments of $499

checkmark  Lifetime access to 9 modules with more than 50 training videos
checkmark  Website (re)Design Workbook
checkmark  Additional Bonuses worth more than $400

One Time Payment


checkmark  Lifetime access to 9 modules with more than 50 training videos
checkmark  Website (re)Design Workbook
checkmark  Additional Bonuses worth more than $400
checkmark  Ability to become an affiliate and earn a commission when you share Your Starter Site
checkmark  Bonus 30 min consultation at anytime during the first 9 weeks of purchase

Want more support? Join our VIP Experience!

2 Pay

First payment immediately, 2nd payment after 3 months.

2 Payments of $748

checkmark  Lifetime access to 9 modules with more than 50 training videos
checkmark  Website (re)Design Workbook
checkmark  Additional Bonuses worth more than $400
checkmark  Monthly live Q&As on new Divi updates and support to help you with your website.
checkmark  Private Facebook community.

One Time Payment


checkmark  Lifetime access to 9 modules with more than 50 training videos
checkmark  Website (re)Design Workbook
checkmark  Additional Bonuses worth more than $400
checkmark  Monthly live Q&As on new Divi updates and support to help you with your website.
checkmark  Private Facebook community.
checkmark  Ability to become an affiliate and earn a commission when you share Your Starter Site
checkmark  2 – Bonus 30 min consultation at anytime during the first 3 months of purchase


How long will it take me to build my website?
This is totally up to you and the time you put into it.  If you put in the work you should be able to complete your website during the 9 weeks.  We aren't building the Cadillac of websites here.  So focus on your homepage, services page and contact page and you'll be good to launch and add additional elements later.
Who are consultation calls with?
You get the best of both worlds here!  Both Sami and Berkley will be on the calls.  Sami provides strategy, copy and business goal expertise while Berkley brings design and development expertise.
I'm not on Facebook, can I still take the course?
Absolutely!  The course materials will be accessible with a login to our course portal.  While the Q&As take place live on Facebook, they will be downloaded and saved in your course platform as well.
What do I have to have to take the course?
Nothing to get started.  We'll walk you through all the steps to set everything up in the first few modules.
Do I have to use Divi for this course?
Yes!  This is specifically designed around maximizing the Divi theme.  If you don't want to use it then we recommend finding a different resource and are happy to help provide some to you.
I already have a website that I like but want to keep learning, should I take the course anyways?
This is totally up to you.  If you're happy with what you have so far, but just want to get more training on marketing your website or additional features you can add then the membership might be a great place for you.  Doors open on October 1st.
What if I get in and don't like the course?

We do have a 30-day money-back guarantee.  If you aren't finding that this course will help you build the website that will grow your business then submit your sitemap and work you've done so far and we'll review.  

We know this information is valuable and will help you succeed so we only offer refunds to those that have done the work and don't find it to be a good fit.

Have additional questions? Feel free to send them to us at and we’ll respond within the next business day!

You're in! Check your email for more important information.

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