Digital Marketing Therapy Podcast

Ep 187 | Getting Started with LinkedIn with Jen Corcoran

Is LinkedIn a platform you're utilizing for your business? There are so many different ways you can take advantage of the platform. It's perfect for connecting and building relationships, even if you aren't creating original content. What you'll learn: → why being...

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Ep 186 | New Year Pep Talk

2023 is going to be the best year yet! No excuses! You're going to achieve everything you want for your organization, your life and your family, I just know it. Thank you for letting me walk alongside you on your journey. What you'll learn: → why January is all about...

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Ep 185 | Take Back Your time in 2023 with Chelsey Newmyer

It's a new year. You might be thinking about resolutions and changes you want to make in your personal and professional life. One thing I'm always working on improving is my productivity. I love my job and the work I do, but finding success doesn't mean spinning my...

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Ep 184 | Getting Back to Basics with My Marketing in 2023

2023 is all about getting back to basics. When the foundation of your business is strong, your business will grow. We tend to get sidetracked by all the pretty new things. I'm pushing them to the side and focusing on the things that I know will help me reach my goals....

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Ep 181 | How K-Pop Can Help You Build Community

Kpop is all over my household. I'm constantly amazed at how they keep their fans engaged and extremely loyal. I have witnessed so many different Kpop groups come into our household and am really impressed with the marketing engine they have.  How does this relate to...

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Ep 180 | What Should You Do to Grow Your Organization?

So many people get stuck on what they should or shouldn't be doing when it comes to marketing in your business. The thing is, when you talk to different people they'll tell you something a little different, especially based on their specialty. So what do you do? I'm...

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Ep 177 | Creating your 2023 Big Picture Strategy

I love to start my strategic planning by planting my big rocks and non negotiables. This is both personal and professional, because I want to have that healthy balance. I'm walking you through the simple steps I do each year to help me set big goals and figure out my...

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Ep 176 | Staying in an Abundant Mindset with Gauri Manglik

When you're growing or just starting out it can be scary. Figuring out what to do first and how to keep your mind on growth and abundance feels like it might be impossible. Gauri is here to share ways that you and your team can stay postivie and come from an abundance...

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Ep 171 | Using Your Website to Maximize Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday isn't too far off. I'm sure you'r working on all the things you need to promote, but are you taking into consideration what their experience is when they land on your website? Keeping it clear and simple will help get more conversions from all the hard...

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Ep 169 | Increasing Email Open Rates with Liz Wilcox

You put so much effort into your email marketing that you want. asmany people to open them as possible. So how do you increase the open rates? Some if these things might not be what you think. What you'll learn: → what metrics are important to pay attention to.→ easy...

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Ep 168 | Crafting Engaging Website Headers

The header of your website grabs visitors attention and lets them know what's the most important action for them to take. It also shares the biggest pain point you are solving for them. What you'll learn: → how other larger nonprofits are maximizing their headers.→...

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