Digital Marketing Therapy Podcast

Ep 222 | What are you Famous For? with Craig Alexander

Being known for something is what allows you get a faster path to donations. It makes it clear to people what you do and how you serve. And it builds trust with potential donors because it is clear where the funds will go. While you do lots of things in your...

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Ep 221 | Creating a Language Guide

A language guide is a part of your branding materials that helps ensure your entire organization is speaking the same way and your copy is consistent. Putting together a word doc that allows you to keep the terms and phrases you us as well as your ideal customer makes...

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Ep 218 | Celebrating on Social Media

Celebrating is such a great way to have content on social media that isn't asking, educating or growing your audience. It's just about shouting out those surrounding you that are doing cool things that you want to call out. This could be people in your organization,...

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August Bonus Episodes

Bonus Episode 1Bonus Episode 2 Bonus Episode #1 This episode was featured on Easy Style with Sami and is all about showing up confidently on video. Its about the environment you set up to make you feel confident and ready to go. Whether it's trainings, Zoom meetings,...

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Ep 216 | Marketing to Gen Z on Social Media with Emanuel Rose

How comfortable are you in marketing to Gen Z? Is it even on your radar? Gen Z is an incredible generation that is giving and thrives on community. They are also a fully tech generation and love video and social media. Learn ways you can target and connect with Gen Z...

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Ep 215 | Create Your Social Media Publishing Schedule

Do you get frustrated trying to figure out what to post each day? Putting together a quick and easy template can help you get more consistent and connect with your audience. Grab the quick and easy template to come up with what to post on social media whether you're...

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Ep 214 | Strategies for Growing Your Email List

Building your email list helps you stay top of mind, engaged and building trust with more potential donors. It also allows you to nurture and encourage your existing donors to give again! There are several ways to grow your email list and this podcast episode shares...

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Ep 213 | My New Newsletter Strategy

Recently, I made a big change when it comes to my email newsletter. A complete 180 to be fair. It's in its testing phase but I still wanted to share it with you. The reason being, things are fluid in the marketing space. If you truly know your audience then you can...

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July Bonus Episodes

Bonus Episode 1Bonus Episode 2 Bonus Episode #1 This episode was featured on Easy Style with Sami and is all about creating your dream personal and professional life. It's critical to build in time for yourself. As leaders in our organizations, that means setting the...

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Ep 211 | 5 Email Automations To Help you Raise More Money

Email automation can save you time and increase your cool is that! There are so many different ways you can use automations at all stages of the donor journey. Here are five automations you can implement to help you grow your list, nurture your audience...

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Ep 210 | Keeping More of Your Donations with Jen Nielesky

Credit card processing is a cost of doing business, it's something we all accept. Did you know that you can negotiate rates and that not everyone pays the same rates for the processing? Understanding what your contract is is crucial. Working with consultant who can...

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Ep 207 | Donation Page Layout and Features

What does your donation page look like? Is it easy for people to navigate and find, or is it messy and unclear? Or worse, does it send you right to PayPal! Make the most of your donation page with these tips What you'll learn: → making it easy to get employer matching...

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Ep 205 | Using AI to Create Content with Scott Bywater

Have you played with AI yet? It seems like it is everywhere you look and a part of all your existing platforms from Canva to social media software and in stand alone tools. It can help you with research, writing content, finding the perfect image and so much more! Is...

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