Let's Play Bingo!

Interact throughout the summit and have fun doing it!

Use your Bingo card to track how you engage with the Summit for your change to win fun prizes.

Each day I'll post in the Facebook group at 1:00 PM PDT inviting you to share a picture or screenshot of your Bingo card. I'll randomly choose one winner sometime after 10:00 AM PDT the next day. It's that easy!

Square Descriptions

  • Sign-Up for the Summit – you can register at onlinefundraisingsummit.com for your free tickets.
  • Watch any Day 2 video – this can be a prerecorded or live session.
  • Share an “ah-ha!” moment from the Summit – post in the Facebook group something that has inspired you that you can't wait to take action on.
  • Post something you learned – what was something you didn't know before.
  • Share Your Biggest Hurdle with Your Online Event – what's keeping you from adding a feature, tech, experience to your online event?
  • Watch any Day 1 video – this can be a prerecorded or live session.
  • Ask a Question During a Live Q&A – this can be via Zoom in the chat OR in the Facebook live stream.
  • Join the Facebook group
  • Share your biggest takeaway from the Summit in the Facebook group
  • Join any day's training LIVE
  • Share about the Summit on IG or IG stores (tag @thefirstclickmarketing)
  • Give your audience a sneak peek of your upcoming event – this can be sharing something that's coming or ask for feedback on a possible event.
  • Attend a LIVE from Day 5
  • Cheer on another Summit participant – we all win when we support each other.
  • Ask a question in the group
  • Join any session LIVE – this can be a live or prerecorded session.
  • Invite another nonprofit to join you in the Summit – it's always more fun with friends. 
  • Share an action item we can hold you accountable for – what action do you want to take from the summit. We'll stay in touch and keep you moving forward.
  • Watch any Day 3 video – this can be live or prerecorded.
  • Watch a morning welcome video LIVE
  • Share what type of online event you're planning – post it in the Facebook group
  • Watch any Day 4 video – this can be live or prerecorded
  • Watch the Kickoff Call – the kickoff call takes place in the Facebook group on Sunday, May 16th at 2:00 PM PDT. If you can't watch it live just make sure to comment replay when you watch is later.
  • Comment on a video – this can be in the chatbox or in Facebook on a live.
  • Share about the challenge on FB or FB stories (tag @thefirstclickmarketing)


How many prizes can I win?

Each bingo allows you to win a prize. You can win multiple prizes however we'll pick from the pool of those that haven't won something each day first.

Can I use multiple bingo cards?

Everyone is playing off the same bingo card. You may only use one.

Will you verify when someone says they have BINGO?

I sure will! I'll ask questions about each of the relevant squares to ensure that only those being honest win a prize. 

Of course, we can't verify everything, so there will also be some of the honor system going on. We appreciate your honesty! 🙂

I don't have a printer!

That's ok! Save it to your computer and click the squares when you've completed them.

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