9 Ways for Non-Profits to Raise More Money Online pdf

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9 Ways for Non-Profits to Raise More Money Online

Online Fundraising is here to stay. Grab some ideas for how you can increase your online fundraising.

It can be scary to take it online if you haven't done it before. Or maybe you've started already but need to up your game a bit.

This guide gives you nine different ideas for how you can use your website, donation page, social media, and your existing audience to reach your fundraising goals.

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Is your online fundraising

  • nonexistent?
  • not aligned with your overall organizational goals?
  • not getting any traction?
  • only exists with a donation page on your website?

A muti-channel approach will help you get more awareness for your organization and help increase your online giving.

What you'll learn

  • social media strategies.
  • website strategies.
  • updating your donation page.
  • and more!
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