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Website (re)Design Workbook

Getting ready to build a new website but don't know what to do to get started? Not sure if you need a new website or if your existing website will work just fine? This workbook walks you through everything you'll want to consider before taking the plunge.

Browse our Template Packs

If you need to get your website up quick, or don't want to mess with a full custom design our template program is a great step. We have templates created for a variety of industries and will work with you on setting it all up so all you have to do is add your images and copy. It's so easy.

Your Starter Site Course

Build your own WordPress using the Divi theme.  This course walks you through buying your domain all the way through setting up your website and launching.  Enrollment is only open during certain times of the year.

One on One Coaching

Need just a little bit of time to work through your marketing strategies? We offer hourly rates for coaching and can help you whenever you're stuck.  Rates start at $75/hour and can easily be booked below!

Custom Done For You Services

Have you had enough?  Are you ready to pass on marketing to someone else?  Our sister company, H & E Marketing Solutions, provides a full suite of services from website design and development to social media strategy to email marketing. They'll work with you to create and execute a strategy that is best suited for your business and budget.

Nominate a Non-Profit

At The First Click, we believe in supporting non-profits to achieve their marketing goals, raise more money and increase their impact.  Because of this, every course we launch and create is also gifted to non-profits.  If you know of a worthy organization, please fill out this easy form.

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