How To Get More Traffic to Your New Website

Do you have an amazing website?  Did you spend thousands of dollars on it?  Now you want people to know all about it!  But where do you begin?  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) feels overwhelming.  We have you covered.

In this post, we're going to give you some ideas to drive traffic to your brand new (or existing site) to convert your customers.

Idea #1 – Share on Social Media

If you're on social media, then sharing your website there is a great place to start.  Now don't just share it once.  There are so many ways you can promote your website on social media.  Don't forget to give your web designer a shout out (shameless plug)!


Go Live!  Yes I know you're probably rolling your eyes at me.  But Facebook doesn't really like posts that link away from the platform. So if you want to get the most organic (free) reach, then Facebook Lives are the way to go.


Using Insta Stories to show a scroll of your new website is a great way to do a behind the scenes shot.  Also – in your news feed you can share a screenshot of a captivating page on your site.  Micro blogging is a huge thing on Instagram now, so don't be afraid to give some details about what your experience was like and why your love the end result.

Don't forget to make sure your URL is updated in your profile.


If your B2B then make sure you're sharing your story here as well.  Video is becoming more important here as well, so if you have some great features to your site, give people a behind the scenes tour of your site.


Be sure to link up your blog posts and important content from your site on this platform.  Great way to get long term traffic back to your website.  Speaking of – do you want more Pinterest talk on this blog?  Let me know by sharing this article on your favorite social channel and using #iwantmorepinterest

Ok – back to promotions.

Idea #2 – Tell Your Email List

Your email list are already fans of what you do.  They'll LOVE checking out your new site and supporting you in promoting it.

An important thing here, is to make sure you ask them to share you website.  It could be something like:

“We appreciate having you in our network.  Thank you for all your support.  We'd appreciate you sharing our website on your social channels, or with any of your friends and collegues you think would find value in our product/services.”

Don't be afraid to self promote!  Remember, you're not asking them to buy anything, just asking them to check out your new amazing website, and share it with their network.

Speaking of email lists – if you want to make sure you get all our updates make sure you sign up for our weekly email list below. 

Idea #3 – Issue a Press Release

You may think that a new website is not worthy of a press release, but if you frame the story correctly then it totally is.  Tell the story of what it is you do on your site.  Think about angles like the non-profits you support or the pain point you solve.  Use it as an excuse to pitch some stories about the people you've helped or new partnerships you've created that are featured on your website.

Idea #4 – Create Posts for you Google My Business Page

This is especially important for local businesses.  Create a series of posts that you can upload over the course of the month.  Remember, these posts go away after 7 days, so you can use different imagery and a some different language and have at least 4 posts over the course of the month. This will help you get in front of those searching for business like yours and click straight through to your site.

Idea #5 – Tell your Friends and Family

Hopefully your friends and family are your biggest, raving fans!  Don't assume they know that you've been slaving over this new website for who knows how long.

Let them know that your new site is live, and ask them to share it on their social channels, or with anyone they think could benefit from your product and services.

More than likely, they'll be so proud of you that sharing your hard work will bring them joy!


Always remember, that people deserve to know what you do.  You're doing amazing things, and broadcasting that work isn't an ego thing.

So get on out there and start broadcasting your amazing new website.  Share your new site with us on our Facebook page!  We'd love to check it out.

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