How a Membership Program can Scale your Business

Generating an opportunity for your business to create recurring income can be a great way to help grow your business.  Think about it, what if you knew you had your customers coming back every month and paying for your services.  There are so many membership opportunities for your business – it's all about thinking outside the box and providing an experience your customers can't live without!  It can also be a great way to incorporate your social media strategy and engagement in your business or dive traffic regularly to your physical location.

Let's run through some examples.

Subscription Boxes

There are subscription boxes for EVERYTHING.  From makeup to meal prep to books business leaders should read.  Who doesn't love to get a fun box in the mail once a week, month or even a quarter with great products they should try.  It's better than only getting credit card offers and bills, right!?

The great thing about these is it generates income for you regularly but also gives your business an opportunity to upsell.  Here's an example of how it could work in your marketing plan.  We'll use skincare products as a generic example.

Step 1: Send out the boxes quarterly to all your customers with 5-7 samples of skincare products your business sells
Step 2: Over the course of the quarter, go Live on Facebook or do a series of Instagram stories showing how to demo the product and best ways to use them.
Step 3: Write blog posts detailing how to use them, or get the videos you created transcribed and post on your blog.
Step 4: Send out emails with links to your website where they can find the blogs.  Be sure to ask for reviews on the product in the emails.
Step 5: Run limited time offers for them to purchase the full-size versions of the product.

So as you can see, by creating the subscription box, you've also generated the featured product and stories that you need for your blog, social media and email communications with your customers!

This is also a great way to work with brands you carry in your store to build a relationship and leverage each other's social channels.  Ipsy makeup bags do a great job of this.  Check out there website and social channels to see how they leverage all their products and upsell clients.

Build a Loyalty Program

Some examples of this you might take a look at the Barne's and Noble subscription or Amazon prime.  You pay an annual fee to get discounts on products (or free shipping) in the future.

Think about what opportunities you have in your business to provide value to your customers.  Maybe it's double points if you already have a point system.  It could be 10% off the product of your choice each month or a discount on every purchase.

Spas are successful with these.  They offer a monthly fee to their clients and with that, they get one service each month.  Additional features include a discount on a featured product that month or a limited number of extra services.  Some even include the opportunity to give a discount to a friend – bringing more people in the door.

VIP Program 

Once you have a program that is running well it might be time to increase your packages and add a VIP level for your best customers.  The sky is the limit here and you are only limited by your own creativity.  Insert the personality of your business and create an amazing experience for your VIPs.

Let's go back to the makeup example.  Maybe VIPs get an extra product in their boxes.  Maybe monthly there is a product that is available only to them at a discount. It could be separate emails to them with videos straight from the founder of the product or special Q&A sessions.  Whatever would be enticing to your audience.

With the spa example – you might offer a free upgrade to a service each month.  Or a special event quarterly at your location where they can sample additional products.

Create a Membership Site with Behind the Scenes Goodies

Customers feel special when they have access to things that people don't have.  Creating a special part of your website that only members can access creates a level of exclusivity.  It could also be a private Facebook group that you only get access to once you become a member. It is also a great way to educate your customers and create a loyal following.

Some examples include:

  • Behind the scenes information from the owner.
  • First access to new product.
  • Opportunity to give feedback or see items before they are completed.
  • More training on how to utilize the products/services.
  • Exclusive access to events.


Creating memberships can be a great way to build loyalty with your customers, provide value and generate recurring income for your business.  It's really a win for all parties involved.  These programs can be as unique as your business personality is.  Don't be afraid to let it shine!

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