Ep 7 | Don't let technology take you down

Technology is always changing – that we know for certain.  But that doesn't mean it needs to be a source of stress for us. 

I want to know – what platform to do struggle the most with when it comes to constant changes? 

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Sometimes I feel like technology changes just to make me look stupid!  So many times I'm editing a website or scheduling social posts and what was there before is now somewhere else! It makes me want to throw my hands up in the air.

But what can you do about it?

The simple answer is, nothing!

It's all about going with the flow and understanding that you're not alone.

Some changes happen because a previous update had a bug.  Or it could be a security breach.

My recommendation is to really pick the platform(s) that you're using regularly and try and stay up to date on those.  Don't worry about what else is happening on every other platform out there.

Most importantly – just stick to what's working.  The changes aren't meant to sink your business (although that happens sometimes).  They're meant to create a great customer experience.

Time Stamps

(3:03) WordPress Update
(4:04) Frustration with tech changes
(4:40) Reason for change – bug fixes
(5:06)Reason for change – security
(5:24) Facebook security changes affecting the algorithm
(5:55) What platforms do you use?  And how do you manage
(6:38) Reviewing Policies and Rules
(7:20) Competition for dollars making change
(9:00) Just keep up with content
(10:09) Change happens – but if you provide a great user experience you're golden
(11:10) Start somewhere!!!
(12:41) Conclusion


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