Ep 52 | A Week in the Life

I'm sharing my “typical” week with you in hopes it'll help you out, and maybe you'll even be able to give me some ideas about how to be more efficient!

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Hitting you up with what my week looks like.  I did say that I'd go through Saturday – but it looks like you get me through Friday!!


What You'll Learn

(2:24) Monday Morning
(6:08) Monday Evening
(8:20) Tuesday Morning
(13:14) Tuesday Afternoon
(15:15) Wednesday Morning
(17:15) Wednesday Afternoon
(19:33) Thursday Morning
(23:05) Thursday Afternoon


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Hey guys,

Sally here for a another episode of the digital marketing therapy podcast. And this week, I am doing a week in the life and I have heard many other podcasters do this on their podcast. And it has always inspired me to do different things to try different things to take a look at the way that I work through my week. Because at the end of the day, we don't know what we don't know, and hearing other people's inspiration for how they run their business and how they work through things. I don't know it just felt like a good thing to do. And so I thought

I would do it myself.

So I'm not perfect by any means. I'm not going to pretend like my weeks are solid and pulled together as much as they should be. But what I am going to share is what I do on a weekly basis and be real with you in the hopes that it will inspire you Help you validate the things that you're doing or help you work through the things that you're doing. And create a plan that helps you be more effective and more proactive in your business. And so that's what this week's episode is all about. But before we get into it, I would love for you to join me in the first Eclipse community private Facebook group. This is a free group that you can join@facebook.com forward slash groups forward slash the first click. And we hold monthly master classes in there and we chat throughout the month just about different things that are going on. And so I just wanted you to join me there and join all the other entrepreneurs in there that are having great conversations about marketing websites and how to grow their businesses. So with that, join me in the first click community Facebook group, and let's get

into this episode.

You're listening To the digital marketing

therapy podcast, I'm your host, Sammy del mulhern. And each week, I bring you tips from myself and other experts as well as hot seats with small business owners and entrepreneurs to demystify digital marketing and get you on your way to generating more leads and growing your business.

Okay, so it's Monday morning and I said I was going to keep it real and I am going to keep it real with you guys perfection. Not I'm sorry, progress, not perfection. I have that all backwards. Anyway. Typically on Sundays is when I do my planning for the week, it's when I kind of reflect on my last week's goals. How did I do I reflect on kind of the things that I want for this month or this week moving forward and where I'm at, however, this weekend, I was sick, and you might still hear it in me. I still have a cold. Hopefully by the end of the week, all of that will be gone. But As you know, I'm a fan of the full focus planner. I have been using it now for about six weeks and really enjoy it. No, sorry, not six weeks, 16 weeks, something like that. Anyway, I'm on my second planner and each planner is a quarter long, but I really like it. I really like the way that I take notes in it, which is different than I've ever done before. I really like the way that I track tasks and to dues. And so typically on Sundays, as you know, the planner suggests I work through and plan for the week ahead now, yesterday I was sick and so I definitely took time to rest and relax and listen to my body and I'm thankful for that. And so I did it first thing this morning. So really the big two dues on my list this week are podcast recordings for myself and a client. laying out a new website for a client and some social media work for both myself and a client the same client We're doing podcast stuff for and so I have my goals set this morning. Typically when I wake up to this morning was not a typical morning because again I was coming down from being sick. So hopefully tomorrow I can share with you what my typical morning is but this morning was sitting on the couch not my office actually haven't been in my office yet this morning. But this morning was going through emails, cleaning things up, getting ready for the week, getting ready for the day. And, and then kind of a combination of work life family stuff. So my daughter had to dental appointment, had to get her off to that, and then back and run to the grocery store to get some things and then home to work. And so that's what I'm about to do. I'm about to sit down and work through a bunch of things. So client work, go through some emails still and then because we've just finished the end of the month, some invoicing and things of that nature. So I've got some office work to do.

And record these episodes for you. So I

will check back in with you at the end of today and let you kind of know how my day went. And

what by wind down looks like in order to be able to get things ready to be productive tomorrow, which is Tuesday. And I don't think I've said this in the intro but that's what I'm hoping to do is check in with you in the morning chicken new with the afternoon all the way through Saturday. So you guys can kind of get a look at what my whole week looks like. So that's what I'm up to. Now I've got some client calls, I've got some contractor calls, I've got some things to do and I will check back in with you when my day is done. Tell them so we're gearing towards the end of Monday and I have two kiddos at home so you might hear them in the background. But it's about 430 4:45am in the evening. So my kids have been home for about an hour and I am working on getting dinner started. So I have winded down my day by doing some final check of email, having the final close up phone and phone calls that I need to have with clients and just making sure that I have everything done so that I can relax for the rest of the night. So my day consisted of phone calls with clients, ensuring that I have everything in the project management software use these click up. So making sure that that is all in place for the team to be able to execute against and and just, you know, making sure that I have everything in place that I need to have place in place for the rest of the week. So Mondays are typically for me. I'm working organizational days making sure that I've got everything in place. Making sure that I've got all of my clients projects in place for the rest of the week making sure my podcasts are ready to go and launch for the rest of the week. I'm in ensuring that social media stuff is set in place and ready to go. My Mondays typically look like that. And so that's what I've done today for the most part, there's been a few sidebars that have happened that have gotten me a little bit off guard but that's okay. So then what I'm doing is taking a look at tomorrow, and what I have in place for tomorrow to make sure that I'm prepped and ready to go before I really shut down for the day because that does help me sleep a little bit better at night, focus a little bit better, and ensure that I wake up in the morning ready to go so hoping that I sleep well tonight and that I'm not sick tomorrow so that I can share with you what my normal morning routine Is, I'd love to do that for you guys. So for now I'm going to sign up, I'm going to cook some spaghetti and turkey meatballs for the family. And I will catch up with you tomorrow. So it is Tuesday morning. And I typically wake up between 530 and six in the morning just kind of depending on I don't know, just depending on life, and I will say that my morning routine is something that I am really trying to spend some time sitting with and figuring out what what's gonna work best for me in order to get my head right and my brain going and be motivated and ready for the day. I have two small kids and a husband who usually he they're usually all up between around 630. And so I like to try to be a little bit quiet in the morning when I wake up, get through some things so that I don't disturb them. But my mornings typically look like this, I usually wake up between 530 and six. I love to drink a big glass of water, usually with emergency or something in it just because I feel like I don't know, I always feel super dehydrated in the morning and just want to kind of get that big glass of water just to help wake me up. And then I try to do not a lot of writing. But I try to do my gratitude journal. So just writing five things that I'm grateful for from the day before. I like to do it in the morning when I wake up as opposed to at nighttime when I go to bed because I like to start my morning with something positive reflecting on the positive things that I have in my life and the good things that I have going. And so that's something that I tried to do in the mornings and then I also try to write down kind of the 10 things of I call it what success looks like to me. It's something that I got from Rachel Hollis. It's something she does in her journals. But writing it down the 10 things that kind of success looks like to me in order to and writing them down as if they've already happened to try to keep things going. I think I might have talked about this already anyway.

So I tried to do that first thing in the morning doesn't always happen, but it's something I tried to do. And something I'm trying to be consistent with. I'm used to toy with working out first thing in the morning or doing yoga first thing in the morning and it just isn't something that works. My brain is focused and ready to go first thing in the morning. So if I can get up and get going between 530 and six then that gives me a full hour to an hour and a half to really power through a bunch of things

before kind of everything else gets in the way and the rest of the world wakes up. I

typically after I'm done with that we'll sit down and so this morning like I did get out my full focus planner and kind of revisit what I've got going on today. What are the big three things that I need to get to Today in order to ensure that I get my weekly goals done, I typically go through email and check anything that went that came in after I shut down for the day the day before. And make sure that I have enough time and the rest of the week. So, I mean today's Tuesday so I have a lot of time to speak but just making sure that I have, you know, taking a look at what needs to be done this week and what needs to be scheduled so that I'm blocking out the time that is necessary in order to do that. So that's what I've done this morning. And then typically, um, my husband and I take turns making lunches for the kiddos and this week is my week for lunches so he takes the kids to school but we take turns making take turns making lunch. So I'll head downstairs to the kitchen around 727 30 ish and make lunch for them spend you know kind of 30 minutes helping get the kiddos ready for School getting clothes out for them all that good stuff. So typically from 730 to eight, I'm down in the kitchen with them. And then usually around eight o'clock I'm getting showered and ready for the day. That's what a typical morning looks like. It's not always perfect. And I honestly am really trying to figure out what, like I said, what my morning routine looks like what's going to be ideal and beneficial for me. And I haven't quite honed in on that yet. So any feedback you guys have I'm definitely open to listening to it. I've tried a few things. But yeah, so today on my list is a bunch of kind of admin stuff to try to get through a bunch of projects that we've got going on. And we've got a template program, we've created some template template websites. So we're trying to get all that stuff done. And then I've got a lot of client work to do as well today before the kids come home. So that's Yeah, that is my day today and I will check in with you in the afternoon and kind of let you know how things went. And

you know what, I'm kind of gonna gear up for this evening.

Okay, so here we are at the end of Tuesday and my dogs barking in the background. So hopefully you can't hear her. But I love Tuesdays because

I don't have to pick up my kids from school. We have a carpool situation. And so it's just a day couple of one of the few days of the week that I get some extra time to get things done. So yep, so today was a lot of email wrapping up client projects, focusing on kind of trying to get a bunch of things done off the plate so that I don't have to think about them anymore. I also put dinner in the crock pot this morning. So that's another thing that I do to try to save time is menu plan. So I put food in crock pot this morning, which Take me a little bit of time. But now dinner smells amazing. And I just have to do a little bit of stuff to finish it up. So it's about 415. And I am getting ready to wrap up for the day finished dinner, spend a little bit of time with my kiddos when my husband gets home from work so we can have family time and dinner time. And, and I do a pretty good job of not checking my email and tending to things. And, you know, after I kind of shut down, I will do one more check, you know, kind of around six o'clock and just see if there's anything urgent that needs to be handled. But my clients are pretty great about stuff like that. And I really only get text messages and phone calls from them when there is something that's urgent, like their website if their website were to go down or something of that matter. So I'm very lucky in that regard and very thankful for that. So yeah, like I said, I'm about ready to shut down for the day. Just wanted to pop in and fill you in on how all that was going and I am Excited to check in with you all tomorrow morning, which will be Wednesday. I'll see you then. Good morning. It is now Wednesday morning. Thank you so much for joining me on this week in a life I hope you're getting something good out of it. This morning is a little bit different than most of us a little bit crazy a little bit off nor off the norm of what we do. But once a month, I have a parent meeting at the school that my kids go to. So on these days, I typically take the kids to school and then on top of that I my dog had a bed appointment just for regular teeth cleaning and and checkups and stuff and so she had to be dropped off at seven. So that meant my husband had to take her to the vet this morning, bright and early and just headed straight into work. And so I'm on mom duty this morning, which is super fun. I like to take the kids school once in a while but changes my whole schedule. So I did get up at six I got about 30 to 45 minutes worth of things done that I knew had to be done. And then I had to get myself ready feed the kids get their lunches ready. And we usually leave for school a little after eight in the morning. And so we are working through all that right now I'm finding a few moments to come in here and check in with you and kind of let you know what we're doing. But then I have meetings almost all morning so I won't be even back in the house until later this afternoon, which isn't typical either. so busy day of things outside of the house, which I do enjoy. Sometimes working in my home office is a little I get distracted easily and I feel like it just you know can be lonely when you're working by yourself and I like the company of people. So it's nice to be out and about meeting and getting things done and working through some stuff. So I'm excited about all of that. And and yeah, I will be Doing the mom thing this morning and then doing the work thing all day. And luckily, today is another carpool day. So I don't have to pick up the kids, which is great. So I will check in with you when I wrap up for the rest of the day.

Wow. So I am

shutting down on Wednesday. And I have to say that today definitely did not go as planned. And which is fine, but it's just the flexibility and kind of the grace to give ourselves as we kind of go through the week and the days that we have things planned and kind of figuring out what that looks like. Yeah, so today, I did end up having to pick up the kids from school. I ended up in a meeting that ran long had a school meeting all that stuff. So by the time I picked up the dog from the vet and got home I had about maybe an hour of time to do a little bit of computer work before I had to go back and pick up the kids and then get my daughter ready for theater. So on nights when she has the It's a little tricky because I have to make her dinner early to drop her off so that she has dinner while she's there. So just kind of make things a little bit hectic. So, you know, best laid plans, I definitely had things I wanted to get done today that I didn't get done today. But those

are just going to get moved to tomorrow.

And that's just the way that it is. So, you know, we have to kind of

really prioritize and pay attention to the things that must get done and give ourselves grace for the things that we don't necessarily get to at the end of the day. That's why I love having my paper planner. And because I write all these things down of things that I have to get done. So it's really easy for me to know what needs to get moved to the next day what I need to work on in schedule so that I can get things


in order to hit the goals that I have for myself this week. Now, that being said, some of my goals for this week have also changed today. Just basically off of a change with a client that we just need to get some things moved around. And so also give yourself grace with that, you know, we had a few website things I wanted to work on for them but they had a different priority come up and so we're moving into a different direction and getting things done there to help them move things forward. So, today is done. I'm gonna finish getting things ready for the kiddos for theater and get dinner stuff going and I will check in with you again

tomorrow morning.

Happy Thursday morning. Thursday, you know, Thursdays are Thursdays and Thursdays are

definitely my toughest day of the week for sure. for a couple of reasons, but um you know, I will get into that here in a second. But I also love Thursdays because most of the time on Thursdays I get to teach inside of my membership, the website laboratory and I love teaching and putting together those programs. So today, I do Have a training, we're talking about testimonials and all that good jazz. So I've got that going on.

And then, um, you know,

I do have an accountability check in with some folks in one of my mastermind groups. So we just get on every Thursday morning for about 20 minutes and just kind of walk through everything that we said we were going to be getting done and where are we at. And I really appreciate that having that accountability because I'm here working by myself most of the time, and I definitely have my goals written down, I participate in things and work through things. But to have somebody to check in with most of the way through the week where I still have the rest of Thursday and all day Friday to kind of finish up on things is super helpful. And I really appreciate the fact that these ladies will take time out of their day in their week to kind of check in and that I can be there to support them as well in getting their things done. Because like I said, a lot of us will pretty I think all of us work for ourselves. We work from home, and so It's nice to have other people to kind of have to I have to show up on Thursday mornings and say out loud, this is where I'm at. This is what I've done this week. And this is what I need to do to get through my goals. So I hope you have accountability partners like that in your life. And if you don't hit me up, I'd be happy to kind of help you find that network that you can pull those people together into. So yeah, so this Thursday, like I said, I've got my accountability call. I've got my weblog training one Thursday a month I also do have a three hour my the same ladies that we hold each other accountable. We have our three hour mastermind and so Thursdays Are you know, there's a lot that happens first thing

in the morning and then it's the day that my kids have early released from school so they're home and

we're home with usually a couple friends come home from school and

just depends on But they're home from one o'clock on. And so I have to really pay attention to exactly what it is that I have scheduled in the afternoons on Thursdays so that it's tasks that don't require me to focus a lot. And data entry type things or things where I can be interrupted are typically better, better tasks for me on Thursday afternoons. A lot of times I'll go through email or just work through and clean up our project management resource or do some research for upcoming podcast episodes. But again, it has to be activities where I know I can be interrupted.

And that I'm here to kind of support

the kids if they need to. So

you know, they're not just sitting on their devices all day, although some days

those are days that happen just depends on what's going on in the week and what deadlines I have to hit. So that's typically what a Thursday looks like for me.

I will check in with you here at the

end of the day, when I'm ready to show Thanks.

Okay, Thursday is in the bag, I guess you

could say. It is a beautiful day today beautiful unseasonally warm. And the kids have been awesome today at letting me focus. I do have a big deadline for a client that we are working through. And so I had a bunch of data entry type things to do. And

they did fantastic. They played, they played outside. And so now I'm going to take a little bit of time to unwind,

have a glass of wine and go sit outside with a girlfriend of mine, and let our kids play for a little bit. It's about

four little after four. And you know, it's stuff

like this, which is why I really like to get up super early in the morning and work through a bunch of things so that I can shut down earlier especially on Thursdays. When my kids are home early. I don't want them to have to sit around for too long and just sit in the house. So when it's nice like this a lot To make sure we can get them outside and good, they can go play and run around. So, you know, I'm calling it quits today at four o'clock, I'll usually double check my email one more time just in case something else comes up. And of course, I, you know, so my clients will text me if there's an issue so that I can address it right away.

But other than that today, you know, I got a good amount of stuff done, I feel

I feel good about my to do list and what I have going into Friday, which is another big data day for me, so I've kind of another reason why I want to really take some downtime so that I'm not getting super stressed out or just staring at my computer for too long. So

that's it. That's a wrap for Thursday, and I'll check it with you on Friday, the last day of the week. Who's excited, I'm excited.

It is

Friday morning. And

yeah, I mean, I would say my routine this morning was pretty much the same as what you've seen or heard me say the rest of the week. I'm thankful that it's Friday. Usually on Fridays, I don't have a lot of scheduled meetings and appointments. I don't have. I don't, I try to keep Fridays open really to be content creation days to podcast recordings, or writing blogs or things like that, just because I find at the end of the week, you know, I've been doing a lot of strategy planning and all that good stuff. And then Fridays are usually a good day for me to just kind of pull together the creative side and write and record and kind of handle miscellaneous tasks that didn't get done for the week. And this Friday is going to be a combination of that. But again, like I said, I've got some deadlines that have come up for clients. So we've got some things that I have to work on this morning. And I do have a couple calls. I am recording a podcast this afternoon. Soon, which is exciting. And I do have to train an existing client on how to use their website. So we've launched their website. So now it's time for them to learn how to take it over and be able to make edits and changes by themselves, which is super awesome.


today is not a typical Friday for me. I you know, I guess for most of this week, I don't really know that there is a typical day. I try to keep things structured and organized, but I do the best I can and some days work out and some days don't so yeah, so today is a couple of online meetings. Thank you zoom and a podcast recording a training and then getting my daughter off and ready to go to her after school activities.

So that's, that's what I'm up to today and we'll see how it goes and I will check in with you

at the end of the day.

Here we are Friday afternoon made it through the week, and yeah, so Friday was, I mean today was,

it was Friday, it was good. We got a lot done, had some meetings, got some podcasts recorded, and did a lot of data entry work, which is something that I needed to do. And and I feel positive about kind of what I got done today and what I was able to accomplish this week, even though it wasn't kind of the perfect week.

Again, I think I've said,

there really are no perfect weeks, there's always something that kind of pops up for you. And, you know, I've learned a little bit too, for example, assuming clients understand how to use some of the tech that we share with them and things of that nature and needing to communicate a little bit better on how those expectations are set and how that works. And, you know, so we're constantly growing and changing and, and building our businesses. And so I hope that you learned some stuff from me on this episode about What a week looks like. Technically, like I said, my week starts on Sunday. So I will be planning my next week on Sunday making sure I have everything done pulling through tasks that didn't get done last week, all that good stuff. And so I will link up some of the resources that I talked about in this episode. But again, like I said, the full focus planner is really the thing that helps keep me on track helps keep me in line with what needs to get done, where I'm at how I'm doing celebrating my wins. And it's really done a lot to help me kind of remove that that pressure of the to do list because I can literally move things to the correct point in the month and get them taken care of which is great, or I guess in the week, so yeah, so that is my week in the life. And I'm going to shut down now

and get ready for my kiddos to come home.

And and it's pizza night in our household every Friday night, pizza night. So I hope you'll subscribe wherever You listen to podcasts so you don't miss out on a single episode and I look forward to seeing you in the next one. Bye for now.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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