Ep 47 | Repurposing Content with Darcy Sullivan

Don't stress about creating new content all the time.  Repurpose the content you have!  We'll share how.

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Content, content, content!!!  Yes, it's important, but are you maximizing the content you're creating?

We talk about so many things in this episode!

  • How much content should you create?
  • Using analytics to determine which content is relevant.
  • What does repurposing content really mean?
  • How can repurposing content affect your SEO?
  • Linking is important!!  Go back and review your old pages and review links!
  • Understanding how to use graphics appropriately!

What You'll Learn

(2:50) Who is Darcy Sullivan?
(4:10) How much content should you create?
(7:15) Repurposing old content
(8:00) What does it look like to repurpose content that exists on your website?
(9:35) Repurposing and SEO
(11:50) Linking structure
(13:18) How often should you review your analytics?
(17:40) PDFs and your website – are they ok to use?
(19:25) Graphics with words – why it's a no no!!!
(20:50) How do you repurpose if you're just getting started and don't have content?
(25:24) Linking structure and SEO
(31:03) Darcy's fav tips!
(35:09) Don't be afraid of Google Analytics
(45:35) Difference between eBook, WhitePaper, etc.

Darcy Sullivan

Darcy Sullivan

Founder, Propel Marketing & Design

Darcy is the founder of Propel Marketing & Design. Propel is a full-service marketing agency located in South Florida that works with companies of all sizes.

One facet of the organization and one of Darcy’s true passions is in educating and training small businesses and entrepreneurs on improving their brand’s online presence and website rankings.

She is a recognized public speaker and educator on topics related to traditional marketing, content marketing, SEO, social media, WordPress, PR, and other digital marketing strategies. Over the past few years through online and in-person trainings, she’s taught over 17,000 small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Learn more about Propel Marketing & Design.


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