Ep 39 | Crafting your Key Messages with Christy Lawrence

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Sales and Marketing belong together.  You can't have one without the other in a successful business.  So we're talking about key messaging and how it relates to both and just some general sales tips.

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The goal of sales isn't to get people to buy your product or service!  But it's about finding alignment and fit.

Ask yourself:

  • Who can benefit the most from this product or service?
  • Who will benefit the least from this product or service?
  • Who are you most excited to serve with your product or service?
  • Keep asking yourself who and why till you get down to a specific audience.

Download the Key Messaging Worksheet!  Want more sales freebies?  Get them all at Time to Profit.

What You'll Learn

(2:54) Why messaging is such a key component of your sales and marketing?
(6:43) Why people struggle with doing both sales and marketing?
(11:20) Using messaging to turn sales into a positive conversation instead of being a used car salesman.
(15:24) How to niche down your language.
(19:40) What are key messaging points and how do you craft them?
(22:14) What Christy sees people struggle with the most.
(25:43) How many messaging points should we have?
(27:31) Where do people struggle when gearing up to talk in 1:1 conversations?
(32:14) Your messaging will change

Christy Lawrence

Christy Lawrence

Founder, Time to Profit

Christy has 15 years of PR, marketing & sales experience with Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft and Ford Motor Company.  She has executed product launches for multiple biotech startups where she consistently finished in the top 1-%.  But the most important thing she offers is a passion for helping people succeed and making an impact with real, measurable results. 


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