Ep 37 | Meet my Business Besties

Meet the people in my life that help me with my business on a regular basis. They are local here with me and we support each other and keep each other accountable as we all grow our businesses. So they joined me on this episode to share how we do that.

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Join us at the Business Accelerator January 10 – 11.  Learn the 4 pillars to breaking through your profit plateau.  I'm teaching this workshop in Bend, OR, with these 3 amazing ladies!

Christy Lawrence helps businesses put their sales plans together.  She helps them go after the clients they want most and prioritize tasks so they focus on the things that bring profits.  Connect on Facebook in her group.

Kristy Starr runs Beers and Business Cards.  She helps people build community and network to grow their businesses. Find more about Kristy on all social media @beersandbusinesscards

Megan Fries owns Frenzy to Freedom and consults business owners and managers get more profitable and more organized. 

What You'll Learn

(3:07) Who is Christy Lawrence?
(10:35) Who is Kristy Starr?
(5:14) Who is Megan Fries?
(6:29) What we love about collaboration and how it's impacted our businesses!
(12:43) Building your network to refer your clients to.
(14:18) Learn more about the Business Accelerator
(17:24) Where people miss out when it comes to systems.
(19:18) Picking the right networking event to grow your business.
(25:00) Money – does it feel icky to you?
(31:32) How we feel about resolutions.


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