Ep 35 | Starting a Podcast with Katy Ipock

Katy Ipock has thought about starting a podcast for a long time and she finally pulled the trigger!  We're chatting why now and how she can promote it to a larger audience.

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Katy Ipock is a comedian based in Central Oregon.  And she recently started a new podcast called the Comedy Mom Podcast.  We chat in this episode about how she got it started, and ways to promote it moving forward.

The Comedy Mom Podcast was born out of helping comics grow and book more gigs.  So she teaches people what they need to know when they first get started.

What You'll Learn

(8:21) The inspiration behind her podcast.
(10:35) What pushed her to start it – and what imposter syndrome has to do with it.
(15:28) What equipment does she use?
(17:25) Katy's advice for starting a podcast
(23:33) Ways to promote her podcast
(31:15) Generate leads through your podcast
(33:56) Where does this go from here for Katy – and planning out content.


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Katy Ipock

Katy Ipock

Comedian & Host, Comedy Mom Podcast

Katy Ipock is a comedian, producer, and on the forefront of the comedy scene in Central Oregon.  Learn more at ipockpro.com

Comedy Mom Podcast


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