Ep 33 | Thinking Outside the Box with NonProfit Fundraising

Non-profit fundraising can be difficult.  But coming up with a unique idea can really help excite your existing audience and bring in new ones.  Waldorf School of Bend came up with a great concept so we're talking about how it came to be.

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We love supporting non-profits and were thrilled to be a part of the Waldorf School of Bend's new fundraising initiative.

There was a bit of technical issues with sound – but we didn't want to cut all those parts out so we thank you in advance for your flexibility!

Forest For Good is a fundraiser for the Waldorf School of Bend.

This program allows you to purchase a tree for $10 with the goal of purchasing 10,000 trees!  Then in early May, the entire school will go out and plant trees where the Milli fire came through in partnership with the Forest Service.

What You'll Learn

  • How they leverage volunteers and their community inside the school.
  • Thinking about things differently when it comes to fundraising.
  • What is Forest for Good?
  • Keeping it simple to start and the importance of messaging.
  • Power of collaborations and community partnerships.


30 Day Website Roadmap
Forest For Good 
Waldorf School of Bend



Erin Hansen

Erin Hansen

Art and Community Service Liaison, September 2012-Present, Waldorf School of Bend

Erin creates and facilitates large scale public works/ service projects on an annual basis for the Waldorf School of Bend.

The annual instillation of the Downtown Bend Heart Bomb on February 14th is now in its 7th year.  Erin has fostered community collaborations with the Downtown Bend Business Association, Fox Hollow Independent Living, NeighborImpact, MountainStar Family Relief Nursery and the United States Forest Service.  Her current project “Forest for Good” is set to launch on May 1-2 in the Deschutes National Forest outside of Sisters Oregon.  The Waldorf School of Bend community will be planting 10,000 trees.

Rob Clemens

Rob Clemens

Volunteer, Fundraising Chair, Waldorf School of Bend

Rob was born and raised in St. Paul, MN. He graduated from St. Cloud State University with a degree in Business Computer Information Systems. He has worked as a consultant and as a Systems Engineer for 19 years in the IT profession in several different industries. He moved to Colorado and lived in Denver and in Silverthorne for 13 years before moving to Bend, OR.
He and his wife Melissa have been married for 6 years and proud parents of a daughter and son. Rob recently joined the Board of Directors at the Waldorf School of Bend and is the Development Committee Chair overseeing the fundraising efforts for the school.


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