Ep 32 | Why Content is Important in 2020

Creating content is important.  But remember, it's all about quality, NOT quantity.

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Welcome to the first Fact Fact Friday podcast.

Why is content important as part of your 2020 plans?

 Get your calendar pulled out and put your big rocks on it.  Those look liks:

  • travel plans for the year.
  • product launches.
  • cart open and closes.
  • events at your store.

Get that calendar out and put it in front of you.  Then reverse engineer the program so you can start to come up with content ideas.  Then you know how to create ideas that are in line with what you're trying to accomplish.

Why does this matter? Why create content?

  1. It builds authority for you and your audience.  
  2. Helps search engines understand more about you and what problem you solve so they know how to serve you up in search results.
  3. Provides what you need for social media, email marketing and all the campaigns you have.


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