Ep 29 | Start Planning for 2020

Are you planning for 2020 yet?

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I love planning things.  Some of my favorite things are strategizing clients. But you can come up with all the ideas and if you don't execute then it gets you nowhere.

In the last 3 years of my business, I have tried everything!  And now I'm really honed in on what I want to do.

My word of the year is SIMPLICITY.  What's your word?  Leave it in the comments below.

It means taking on less 1:1 clients and focusing more on my online training programs and courses.  The clients we'll take are only website building and creation.

I've recently started using the Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt.

It has really helped me focus my time and energy on what really needs to get done in order to move my business forward.  I love planning for the purposes of taking it down from:

  • Annual Plan
  • Quarterly Plan
  • Weekly Plan
  • Daily Plan

It makes it easy to take off bite-sized chunks and not so overwhelming.  I can create my big rocks and then break it down.

I also love Amber McCue's philosophy of breaking things down into quarterly chunks.

This year a big goal is building my base.

You don't have a huge list or a lot of followers or that it's what's most important.  But sales is a numbers game and having a certain number of people on my list will be required to get to my sales goals.

Goal #1 is growing my email list!  I don't have a specific number but I am making it a priority.  I'd love to have 1,000 people on my list by April.

Goal #2 is my podcast.  I love doing this and can reach folks in an easy way.  Guest podcasting is a huge part of my strategy moving forward.

Goal #3 is showing up regularly on social media.  Not because I think it's super important but because it allows people to get to know me, build trust with me and eventually buy from me.

Messaging is super important and something I haven't honed in on yet for my audience.

When I talk 1:1 with people there is an immediate level of comfort.  When you're doing it online, it's much harder.  I need to push myself more on this podcast to let you all get to know me better.

Once I have my strategies lined out, I like to take a look at the numbers to see how it all pans out and what might need to be adjusted.

I hate working with numbers, it's my least favorite thing.  But I know I need to in order to grow my business.

I like to start with the programs and the dreams for my business first instead of numbers.  Because I want to push myself and figure out how to make the money from there.  As opposed to chasing the dollars and making business decisions that way.

I'll then fill it in with website builds to find the income I need for my family and life.

What You'll Learn

(2:24) How I'm simplifying my business in 2020.
(4:18) How I use the Full Focus Planner.
(5:34) Amber McCue and the Planathon
(6:12) Why I'm focusing on building my base – specifically my email list.
(7:44) How I'm using my Podcast to grow my base.
(8:26) Why I want to show up consistently on Social.
(8:58) Firm up your messaging
(10:35) Now it's time to dive into the numbers


30 Day Website Roadmap
Full Focus Planner 
Amber McCue


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