Ep 28 | Start Your Podcast with Krystal Proffit

Always wanted to start a podcast, but don't know where to get started?  Krystal Proffitt is here to break it all down for you.

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Krystal teaches people how to start a podcast.  She loves it so much.  She started out as a blogger and wasn't seeing the success she saw other people doing.  And writing wasn't something she loved to do – talking is so much easier for her.  So creating a podcast seemed like a much more natural fit for her.  And now she's obsessed and loves helping more people start their podcasts.

Podcasting isn't as Saturated

Yes!  It's still sort of like the wild west.  People are still making up things as we go.  How do you do interviews, how do you reach out to guests?  It's almost like blogging was 10 years ago.  Have something that people want to listen to and hear about and that is relatable.  It's definitely a great time to start a podcast.

You don't have to be on camera and how you look and the background in your images, but it's more personal and interactive than a blog because they hear your voice and feel more connected.

Video is still important and Krystal challenges herself to do more video.  But there is way more effort that goes into creating the videos and getting them out in the world.  With podcasting, she can create a brief outline and pull together an episode really quickly.  Just be yourself and talk.  She imagines she's talking to a friend and just let's it go.

All the Tech

Krystal got started for $30!  What you need:

  • USB microphone
  • Computer with an internet connection
  • Pop filter (optional)

You don't need to compete with folks that have had a podcast for a long time and already had fancy equipment.  It's more about the quality of your content – not the quality of your sound.

I'm sure you've listened to some podcasts that don't sound perfect but you keep listening because the quality is amazing.

As we recorded this episode, I used my earbuds plugged into my computer.  I have a Blue Yeti mic but I often don't plug it in because I'm lazy and they pick up way too much background noise.  And we're also recording in Zoom.

Krystal also uses a Blue Yeti mic.  She often records in her closet.  Her home office just echoes too much.  Be scrappy! She's heard of podcasters get under a blanket and record in their beds.  You can totally make it work.

How do you get it out there!

It's so fun once you've gotten your microphone.  But how do you start recording?

  • Audacity for PC users
  • Garage Band for Mac

Both are free programs.

What Krystal finds is once a few episodes have been created people hate the sound of their own voice and it's a big hurdle for people to get over.  It's all in your head, you'll get used to it as you start to edit and listen to your episodes.

It also helps to listen so you can hear the things you're repeating over and over like, ohs, ums, sos, etc.  It'll help you get better and better.

Krystal recommends not editing it so it's perfectly polished.  You don't want it to sound robotic.  Keep it real.

You won't run out of things to say.

Don't let that be something that keeps you from starting your podcast.

Sit down and think about all the different facets of your business.  Write down all the ideas you can till you come up with 20.  Then think about the different pieces of the puzzle that are under that umbrella.  It HAS to add value to your audience and the possibilities are endless.  Ask why about the topic to continue to break it down.

1 idea – 1 topic and don't talk about anything else.  Otherwise, that's a new episode, topic, piece of content.

How often should you publish your podcast?

Krystal started with at least 1 episode a week.  She doesn't recommend seasons unless that's something that is relevant to your industry.  Don't launch until you have at least 5 months of topic ideas planned out.  Not recorded, but 20 ideas on paper that you know you can talk about.

Krystal currently does 2 podcast episodes each week.  She's been doing it for over a year.  You know your own schedule and what you can handle.  It'll take you longer to grow if you do it once a month or every other week.

If you're just getting started, plan ahead before you launch.  Then you can be consistent.

Is there a podcast algorithm?

Krystal noticed her podcast wasn't growing as much as she wanted it too.  There were two ways she thought she could get bigger numbers.

  1. Get in front of more people.
  2. Put more content out there for your existing audience to give them more to digest and more listen time.

That's what led to her doing 2 episodes each week.  Think about the goals of your podcast first before you make decisions.  That will determine your launch strategy.

There is a formula for getting on new and noteworthy on Apple Podcasts.

  • You need to have a certain amount of downloads on your first week (don't know the specific amount they haven't shared)
  • Listens
  • Subscribers
  • Reviews

Krystal's podcast is in the top 100 finally after busting her butt in the first year.  It can be a losing battle if ranking is the only thing you're going after.

Make sure you pick the right category for your podcast.

Including your Call-to-Action

Totally love promoting yourself on your podcast.  Big sponsorships aren't going to come up for a while.  But you can love on yourself even if it's super simple.

  • Subscribe to our podcast.
  • Sign up for our newsletter.
  • Join our Facebook group.

That way they get used to hearing you ask them to do something.  When you then have an ask that is for a live event, or paid product they aren't shocked that you asked them to do something, it feels natural.

What You'll Learn

(2:58) What Krystal loves about podcasting
(6:07) There aren't as many people Podcasting as they are on YouTube or Blogging
(10:17) All the Tech
(15:28) People hate the sound of their voice
(22:43) Creating topics
(26:53) How often you should publish?
(30:56) Is there a podcasting algorithm?
(36:53) Using a CTA


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Krystal Proffitt

Krystal Proffitt

Host, The Proffitt Podcast

Krystal Proffitt is a podcast host, online educator, and is obsessed with all things podcasting! Between her weekly episodes on The Proffitt Podcast, podcast videos on her YouTube Channel, and constant interaction with clients and students, she spends most of her time helping entrepreneurs start, launch, and market their podcasts.  Learn more: https://KrystalProffitt.com  Join the 5-Day Create Your Podcast Bootcamp


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