Ep 26 | Understanding if Your Lead Magnet is Functioning with Jennifer Primeaux

Today I'm helping Jennifer with her lead magnet and knowing if it's effective or not!

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What You'll Learn

(4:09) What is a lead magnet?
(7:13) How to title your lead magnet.
(11:15) Perfectionism – don't let it stop you
(14:55) Creating your onboarding sequence
(17:40) Take Time to Build your Audience
(18:08) How to promote your Lead Magnet
(20:00) Getting results from folks that you can share
(22:44) Testing your lead magnet
(27:48) Multiple Lead Magnets

Jennifer has a new venture called Smart Money Practice.  She's trying to create a lead magnet to capture email address to get on her list.  She's been stuck on it for the last 3 months and wants help in creating a great lead magnet she feels confident in sharing it with people.

Her ideal audience is therapists that are going into private practice and want to get better with their finances (personal and/or business).  In college, they don't get a lot of financial training and how to run a business.

Her lead magnet is currently about how to calculate expenses.  Right now, her business is at the beginning so her plan is to create a course and eventually have it lead to membership.

Titling your lead magnet is important!

You want to get people to be enticed by your lead magnet and want to learn more.

Remember that people aren't at the same level as you are with your knowledge.  Remember to break it down to a more simple concept.  Basic tips, provides value, quick wins!

It's important to consider exactly who your audience is so you build your list with the right people on it.

Taking advice from others as you put yourself out there.

Every time she got advice from someone it was to always change something here or tweak something there and she got stuck.

Be proud of yourself for getting out and doing the thing.  It's not going to be perfect and don't let it stop you.  Developing a lead magnet is all about testing.  It has taken us a few different versions to get our correct and over a year.

Onboarding sequence

Her current structure is that they get the initial email freebie but they don't get put into an email sequence.

The next step is to get consistent content creation going so you have something to email your list regularly.

How do you promote your lead magnet?

She's working on networking within other therapy groups on Facebook.

We run traffic ads to a blog post or podcast with show notes that have the lead magnet on it.  They're cheaper than conversion ads.  We also have a pop up on our website for people to download.  And then we share it everywhere we can in groups and things like that.

Think about giving your services away for free so you can get results for them and use them in your promotion.

If you can have those results and have them share it on your behalf inside of professional organizations or with colleagues.  It can really help especially when you're dealing with people's money.

What should you be testing?


  • Track how many people are landing on the page vs signing up.
  • How your Facebook ads are performing.
  • Email stats – how long they're sticking around, open rates, click-through rates.
  • Use your existing audience as market research and ask them thoughts about what you're doing.  They feel important!

Can you have multiple lead magnets?

Yes, but make sure you start small.  Keep one major one that is going to help you grow your list and makes sense for your sales funnel.

If you have multiple ones that's fine, but use them on specific blog posts or podcast episodes and use them there as an additional value.  You can also use your Facebook lives on your website and give a brief overview of what it is and use it to also add your lead magnet there.


Jennifer Primeaux

Jennifer Primeaux

Jennifer Primeaux is a licensed mental health therapist in Kansas where she runs a full-time private practice. She recently created an online business of helping other therapists bankroll their finances by teaching smart money habits for business and personal finances.


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