Ep 17 | My Top 11 Tools I Use to Run My Business

I'm sharing my favorite 11 tools, and maybe a bonus tool or 2.  I want to know what tools you can't live without.  Leave them in the comments below!

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I'm sharing with you the 11 tools we love to use in our business.  This does NOT mean that you need to use all these tools in YOUR business to be successful.  Use the tools that make the most sense for you and your unique business!

Tool #1 – Project Management/ClickUp

We use this to track everything from client projects to our launches.  Everyone knows what's going on.  I like that I can see a global view of everything happening in the company as well as dive deep into a specific client.

They are beta testing version 2.0 and it's an incredible upgrade!

Tool #2 – Time Tracking/Toggl

This is important so I know how much to pay my contractors, bill my clients and understand where people are spending their time.  Within each client or project we can track the specific part of the project that's being worked on.

This also connects to ClickUp so you can easily track within tasks there!

Tool #3 – Website Theme/Divi by Elegant Themes

This theme if one of the most popular themes out there.  We use it for every single one of our website clients.

It's a robust, drag and drop, visual builder that has a ton of functionality.

Check out Episode 12 of this podcast where we talk more about why we love Divi.

Tool #4 – Website Hosting/SiteGround

They have amazing customer service and features.  We also love the optimization they have built in to keep our websites running smoothly and quickly.

Tool #5 – Legal/Your Online Genius

This is the go to place for legal templates that we use in our business.  For Privacy Policies and items that are requirements for your website, to contractor and course agreements that we use on an ongoing basis.

Its important to have some sort of resource for the legal documents you need online for your business!

Tool #6 – Graphic Design/Canva

I talk about this tool all the time.  They have templates for helping you create business cards, presentations, social media posts and on and on.

I'm not a graphic designer.  Photoshop and Illustrator drive me nuts.  For big graphic needs I have my designer Berkley do it for me.

But Canva is great for the quick things that I need to get done without pestering him.

I also love that I can upload all my brand colors, fonts and logos so that it's easy to keep things on brand.

Tool #7 – Email Service Provider/ConvertKit

I'm a huge believer in email marketing and the impact it can have on your business.

We love the ease of use and simplicity of ConvertKit.

Their visual automation tool makes it really easy for you to see the journey your customer will take.

Tool #8 – Password Tracking/LastPass

It allows us to share passwords between team members and clients without having to share passwords.

Tool #9 – Video Tutorials/Loom

We use it to record short little videos for clients and students to give them an explanation about something.

It works best in your browser although it does have a desktop version.

I can go to their exact website and show them how to do something.  And when they've watched the video, I get a notification.

Some people have used it to explain lengthy contracts.

Or maybe you want to send welcome messages to new students in your course.

You can do a video of just you, you can screen share or you can not show up at all.

Tool #10 – Live Streaming/BeLive

We use this for streaming to Facebook.  We can schedule our lives so the post shows up on Facebook and your audience can get reminders.

It's a great tool for interviews, screen sharing and they're adding new features all the time.

Tool #11 – Video Conferencing/Zoom

This is used on an almost daily basis.

We use it to:

  • hold post website launch training sessions that we can record and send to them.
  • recording our videos for our course.
  • Podcast interviews.
  • group coaching calls inside our membership – love to see people's faces!

Bonus Tool – Communication/Slack

It allows you to have different channels for different topics so conversations can stay organized.  It's also searchable so you can find what you're looking for.

It also integrates with pretty much every other platform out there.

Bonus Tool – Organization/Google Multi Inbox

I can see different inbox on my main email page.  I organize them by to-dos or specific client projects.  That way my main inbox stays clean and organized and I don't miss out on important emails.

When I'm ready to work on that client project, I can go to that inbox and everything I need is there.

Time Stamps

(3:00) Tool #1 – ClickUp
(4:27) Tool #2 – Toggl
(5:42) Tool #3 – Divi
(6:36) Tool #4 – SiteGround
(7:13) Tool #5 – Your Online Genius
(8:32) Tool #6 – Canva
(9:51) Tool #7 – ConvertKit
(10:46) Tool #8 – LastPass
(11:54) Tool #9 – Loom
(13:59) Tool #10 – BeLive
(14:12) Tool #11 – Zoom
(16:24) BONUS TOOL! – Slack
(16:50) BONUS TOOL! – Google Multi Inbox


30 Day Website Roadmap
Episode 12 of the Digital Marketing Therapy Podcast
Your Online Genius*
Google Multi Inboxes

*Some of these links contain affiliate links.  Should you choose to purchase through the link we may receive a small commission.  We are only affiliates of products we use ourselves.


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