Ep 15 | 6 Things To Consider when Determining if you Should Build your Website Yourself or Hire it Out

It's hard to know if you should build your website yourself, or if you should hire it out.  There are so many things to consider! This episode walks you through some things you should consider before determining the course you take.  Let me know in the comments below what you decide.

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It can be easy for developers to take advantage of you when it comes to website contracts.  You only know what you know, right!  But the thought of doing it yourself is overwhelming!

In this episode, we break down some things to consider before you determine if you're going to DIY it or hire someone to do it for you.

Make sure you interview at least 3 developers/designers so you can make sure you know more about the project you're headed into and make sure you're

We are giving you're building a relationship with someone that has your back.

Consideration #1 – Cost and your budget.

Lower cost developers can start around $1,500 – but you might not get everything you need from them.  Their experience level is probably lower.

Having it done at a higher price might be out of your budget.

Think about what you have to spend and how it fits into your budget.

Remember- doing it on your own is more cost-effective, but still takes your time.  Is the time you'd be spending on building out the website going to take you away from other, more important, revenue-generating activities?

Consideration #2 – What are your business goals – and what NEEDS to be on your website?

This should be determined ahead of time.  This is because it helps you choose the features that are necessary for your website to be successful.

What are the crucial elements that you need and what will be the important factors to help your customers buy!

Considering your must-haves can help you decide if you feel comfortable building out your website or if you really need someone to do it for you.

Are you building eCommerce, do you need to transfer a lot of pages over, are there things you don't feel comfortable doing?  All things to consider.

Consideration #3 – What is your timing?

It might be that your business is just getting started and you don't really have a strict timeline.  Or maybe you have an existing website that's working ok and you aren't feeling rushed.

It could be that you need something up as soon as possible or make major changes so you don't lose sales.

This comes into play when you're hiring someone or doing it yourself.  Can you block out the time you need to get it done on your deadline?  Or – can the person you hire get it done when you need it done?

Consideration #4 – Staffing

This isn't just your internal staff.  This can also include contractors that you'll use to get the job done.

Maybe you're hiring a copywriter, photographer, IT person, etc.

When it comes to your budget, who are you going to use for the build, what role will they play, what is the communication style, where does all the information live?

Determine the key players and decision-makers so things keep working in forward momentum.

We see so many projects stall because no one knows who's making the ultimate decision.  Small decisions derail people.  It can be really frustrating.  Make sure everyone knows what the ultimate end goal.

Understand that the website isn't “done” when it launches.  We aren't looking for perfect.  We're looking for great representation about what you're doing now and keep visitors coming back for more.  It will continue to evolve as your business does.

Consideration #4 – Who is maintaining your website moving forward?

Maintenance includes things like:

  • security backups.
  • software and plugin backups.
  • security, uptime and downtime.

This is really important for the health of your website.  Will you do that yourself or have someone else do it for you?

We offer website maintenance plans for clients that vary from $49 and up.  If your website isn't up then people can't buy from you.  That costs your business money.

Some people won't maintain your website if they didn't build your website.  Keep that in mind if doing ongoing edits and updates.

Can you hire a VA to do it?  Do you have someone on your team that can do it?  Do you need to hire it out?

Consideration #6 – Who is maintaining your website moving forward?

Knowing the platform you want to build on is crucial.  

We only build using Divi by Elegant Themes on WordPress.  If WordPress or Elegant Themes aren't your jam, then we probably aren't the right fit for you.

Understanding what you feel comfortable using will help guide you in this decision.


Make sure you have a developer you can trust.  Someone that will train you, meet your timeline, great communication and understand what happens after the website launches.

If you're doing it yourself, make sure you have the staff to support the project.  This includes after the website launches.  

There are plenty of resources out there to help you build your own website.  Ensure you have the right tools to help you so you don't get frustrated and waste your time.

Please leave a comment below and let us know if you're a DIYer or if you're going to hire it out!

Time Stamps

(2:55) #1 Cost and your budget.
(4:10) #2 What information do you need on your websites?
(5:34) #3 Timing
(7:00) #4 Staffing
(8:48) #5 Who is Maintaining your Website
(11:00) #6 What Platform are you Building On?
(12:04) What we do for our business 


30 Day Website Roadmap
Monthly Website Maintenance Checklist
Divi by Elegant Themes
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