Ep 115 | We're Back!

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We took a break during the Summer to regroup, refresh our systems, and put some things together. We’re now back! In this episode, I share what we have in store for you, and other exciting things coming up!

What You'll Learn:

  • how I'm celebrating my birthday month.
  • upcoming plans for the podcast.
  • what's included with our Patreon account
  • how to take advantage of our giveaways

Want to skip ahead? Here are some key takeaways

[00:51] Celebrating my birthday. I wanted to come back to you after celebrating my birthday the other day on 22nd.
[01:10] What we have planned for the podcast coming up. We have some amazing giveaways,  brand new resources, and tools coming up!
[04:18] All about the new Patreon account. This paid platform allows us to give you rewards for participating and subscribing to the content that we create.
[05:25] What you will be getting in your Patreon account. Monthly worksheet with action steps and information for the month's episodes. Monthly “ask me anything,” bonus monthly Q&As from our speakers and more exciting things!
[08:27] Brand new membership plan: The Digital Marketing Hub for NonProfits
[10:32] Special giveaways and what to do to get them. The first people that sign up at $level. Giveaways include free upgrade from premium to plus for up to 1 yr, access to the digital marketing hub for non-profits, goodie boxes in Amazon gift cards.

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Full Transcript

Hey everybody, Sami here, back with another episode of the Digital Marketing Therapy podcast. And boy does it feel so good to be back! I have missed you guys.

 So we took some time off in the summer, for a variety of reasons, you can go back and listen to Episode 114 for some of that. But we needed to just kind of regroup and you know, kind of refresh our systems, you know, we brought in a PA, which has been incredible. So instead of scrambling, we took some time off to really pull some things together. Plus, it was summer. And, you know, we were taking some time for family and just really trying to evaluate all of the things and not create too much overwhelm in our business. So yes, we did a thing. And we took, I think almost six weeks off, maybe even more.  

 But, I just celebrated my birthday two days ago. And so I wanted to launch it here with you guys.  Celebrate, have fun, because you know, podcasting is one of my favorite things to do. And I love being here with you guys. So we are back! And I'm so excited! 

So in this welcome back episode, I am going to share with you kind of what we have planned for the podcast coming up. And ways that you can get more value out of what you hear, hear here, and how you can you know really take action with the things that you're learning in this episode, or in these episodes. 

 So you know this podcast is meant to come and share with you ways that you can increase your fundraising. Increase your digital presence, you know, tips and techniques and tricks and things to help you get more people to your website, engage with more people and run your businesses in a more organized and effective manner. 

So we've got some things that are coming up. And that's what I want to share with you in this episode is ways that you can take more advantage of these episodes and have a bigger impact on your nonprofit organization or your business. Okay?

But before we get into it, this episode is brought to you by our brand new Patreon page. And I'm going to be talking to you about that a little bit. So you can head on over to thefirstclick.net/patreon. Check it out. I don't want to give away all the goodies yet because we're going to talk about them in this episode. But it's definitely the hub and the place to go to get more bang for your buck with these episodes, and really dive deep with me and some of our speakers. So with that, let's jump into the episode.

 [INTRO] You're listening to the Digital Marketing Therapy podcast. I'm your host, Sami Bedell-Mulhern. And each week, I bring you tips from myself and other experts, as well as hot seats with small business owners and entrepreneurs to demystify digital marketing and get you on your way to generating more leads and growing your business.

[BODY] So if you're anything like me, you probably have a whole list and lineup of podcast episodes to listen to. And I often listen to them while I'm driving or while I'm on a walk. Rarely do I listen to podcast episodes when I'm sitting at my desk. And maybe you're a little bit different. And that's totally great. But I like to listen to podcasts on the go. And it's a little bit hard sometimes to really take action or to remember some of the things that you wanted to do because I can't drop them down. I am a pen and paper person. I have my planner. You've heard me talk about the full focus planner all the time. But I have it with me at my desk so I can just jot down notes all the time. And I can't do that when I'm listening to podcasts when I'm on the road. 

 So this was something that we've been thinking a lot about here and trying to figure out how can we help support organizations and people that are listening to these episodes and make it more actionable? How can we help you take more action from the thing that we're talking about, because we really feel strongly about the topics that we're bringing to you, we think they're really important. And we know that different ones are going to resonate with different folks at different stages.

But we want to make it something that you can come back to and really something that supports you. And so what we've done is created a Patreon account. Now for those of you that don't know what Patreon is, it's been brought up on a few of our episodes before. But it is a platform that allows us to give you rewards for participating and for subscribing to the content that we create. 

So it is a paid platform. I mean, I do want to throw that out there. But it's really just going to help us cover the costs of creating some additional resources for you. So like I said, Go to thefirstclick.net/patreon. That's where you can check it out. But it's another place where we're going to have community and be able to support you guys in taking action. 

 So some of the things that we have created, and this is specific to just our podcast listeners, so those of you that subscribe to our Patreon account will get this exclusive access. And so we're really excited. And we made it super cost-effective on purpose. So make sure you check it out, it starts like $5 a month. 

 But what we're going to be doing is giving you a worksheet every month, and so at the beginning of the month, you'll get a worksheet that has action steps and has information on the four episodes that will be coming out that month. Or if I guess sometimes it might be five, I don't know.

 But you'll get a worksheet so then you can have that as a download. So after you've listened before you've listened, whatever, it can remind you of the things that have happened in the episode and give you prompts and ways to start to take action in your business. 

 Now, this is different from the show notes. We have the show notes that you can go back and revisit that have the key takeaways. But this is going to be a little bit more of a deeper dive to really give you prompt and something you could fill in so that you can work through the steps and the processes in your episodes that resonate. So you'll get that every single month.

 It's also great because you'll get a little bit of a sneak peek as to the episodes that are coming up for the month and you know, maybe be able to take action on a few things before they're even live, which is super cool.

We also depending on the level are going to have monthly asked me anything. So again, just inside with our Patreon, it's going to be a super tight-knit group. We're super excited about it. How many times can I say super! But this is your opportunity to show up with me live and ask any questions that you have regarding the episodes. Again, this is a great opportunity to take action on the things that you're learning. And if there's a topic that really resonates with you to be able to dive deeper and get some qualifying questions answered based off of some of the things that you've heard, because I know a lot of times I hear a podcast episode and I'm like, Oh,  really! But what if I want to do this, or maybe this piece didn't quite I don't quite understand what they were saying. 

 And I wish I could just ask them to clarify a few things. So we're going to allow that space. And some of our speakers might be joining us for bonus monthly Q&As  if they want to. That you'll have access to as well. So you could even maybe pick their brains a little bit more. So that's just going to be some bonus ones, we're not promising that that's going to happen every month. But you know, we hope that most of those will take advantage of that. 

 Now, It's also just an opportunity to build more community and to network with other people that are running businesses similar to you or that are in similar stages of their growth, or maybe ahead of you in their growth. And you can learn from them and learn from each other. So we're really hoping to build a community inside here so you guys can support each other as well.

 Then we also at different levels will have access to a brand new digital marketing hub, which is a brand new membership, which is kicking off in September. So you can check that out. It is a monthly membership that does live Q&As twice a month within that community. So that's separate from our Patreon community. And if you have questions about that just hit me up. I don't want to spend a lot of time talking about that here. But at the $30 level inside of Patreon, you do get access to that every month that you are a Patreon member. You get access to that for free, which is an awesome value. 

And then we also will give you promo codes for upcoming events and products and services that we have. So you know that we run summit several times a year. So at certain levels inside of Patreon, you can get access to discounts for those events as well. So it's anything from $5 a month to $30 a month so like I said it's not crazy expensive but it really is just a way for us to support you and taking on more growth in your organization and taking action. 

So, like I said, you'll get access to digital workbooks and worksheets so you'll see some of the episodes that are coming ahead of schedule. You'll get access to monthly AMA's or ask me anything live Q&A, whatever you want. Potential bonus AMA's from our guests that are on the episodes. You know potential monthly membership access inside our digital marketing hub for nonprofits and promo codes for upcoming online gifts and online events. 

And if you sign up to be an annual member, we'll also send you a bonus. So just depending on the different levels, and the prices, those are the things that are included, and who knows how we're going to change those over time?  we'd love your feedback as far as what's valuable to you. And if you have other recommendations for ways that we can help you make the podcast episodes more actionable, please do let us know because we want to make these more the most impactful we can for you.

So the other thing that I want to say is we're doing some special giveaway. So we do have some prizes that we're giving away for the first few folks that sign up at the $15 level. And that is things like a free upgrade from premium to plus for up to one year, which is a $528 value. We're giving away access to the digital marketing hub for nonprofits.

If you are at the $15 plan, which doesn't include that you can get six months free, we have some goodie boxes that we're giving away some of my favorite business books and Amazon gift cards and these go away as people sign up. So there's only five of each prize. So the quicker you sign up, the faster you'll get a higher valued prize. So head on over to the show notes for this episode at thefirstclick.net/podcast to get a better description of all of those prizes. Or head on over to thefirstclick.net/patreon and sign up. Sign up for the plus plan which is $15 a month to get access to those prizes. 

Like I said, the first five, get the first prize, which is an upgrade to premium, and then each prize goes down every five people that sign up, get access to those prizes. So do it quickly, while supplies last. And I'm so excited to have you inside of this community with me. I'm so excited for you to take charge of your business and to make an effort to move forward and to take advantage of all of the things that you're doing and just make them better and more efficient, more effective. And get those fundraising goals. You know, let's hit those, and let's work together to do that. 

So thank you so much for celebrating with me on my birthday. Thank you so much for coming back. And joining me for more episodes. I'm so excited to be coming back with new ones. We have some great great stuff coming up. And I cannot wait to see you inside of the Patreon community. Thank you so much for being a listener and I will see you in the next one.

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