Ep 08 | Answering Andrea's Questions about Her Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is a powerful tool for your business.  But having different audiences can make it confusing to know what to send to which list and when.  We break this down with Andrea from the Guardian Group. 

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Andrea Perry is the Marketing Manager for The Guardian Group. She has a degree in Psychology from Cal Poly and has always had a heart for youth. Shortly after moving to Bend from Northern California she heard about Guardian Group's fight against human trafficking here in the United States. Determined to help in any way she could she began volunteering to run their social media accounts and then was hired on full time as their assistant and later the marketing director. When she isn't working she is hiking or backpacking with her two favorite guys … her husband Jordan and her dog Hank.

The mission of the Guardian Group is to prevent and disrupt the sex trafficking of women and children while enabling partners to identify victims and predators in the United States.

The Guardian Group has two different audiences that they try to reach from their email list. In this episode, we talk about how to set up different strategies with each different group.

The two audiences that they have are:

  • hotels – they certify hotels across the country to identify the signs of human sex trafficking and report it to law enforcement.
  • donors – people that have contributed, or expressed and interest in contributing in the past.

We discussed several different list building techniques as well as ways to test what you're already doing.

Time Stamps

(2:09) Who is the Guardian Group?
(3:20) The two audiences that the Guardian Group reaches out to.
(5:37) 2 Audiences on MailChimp
(6:03) What is the purpose behind the hotel training?
(7:41) What's the solution for maximizing this list (and time)?
(8:44) How are you list building for the hotels?
(9:53) What are some ideas I have for her?
(11:31) Can you create pop-ups to only hit on the training section of the website?
(12:27) What are your main goals? And how are you utilizing those on your website?
(13:20) Are most of your donors on your list because they've already donated?
(14:06) Don't be afraid to sell to your list.
(16:10) Are you reviewing your analytics?
(18:06) Google Algorithm for the deliverability of your emails
(18:55) What's next?
(19:17) How do you A/B test?
(19:53) A/B Testing your Subject Lines
(21:36) A/B Testing Content for Hotel List
(23:05) Running FB Ads to Grow Your List and testing Copy
(23:36) How do you respond when people come back with their opinions about how you present your emails? (26:18) Customer service works!
(27:57) Conclusion


A/B Testing on MailChimp
Guardian Group Website
Guardian Group Facebook
Guardian Croup lnstagram


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