Ep 03 | Make More Time in your Day

Time is money, at least that's how the saying goes.  So how can you make more of it to get the job done and grow your business?  I'm sharing with you my best tips and ideas to help you organize your day, and not just for marketing!
Make sure to share your favorite tip in the comments below.

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Don't make the excuse “I don't have enough time” be the reason you don't get your marketing done or other things in your business for that matter.

I'm sharing some of my tips for how I manage my time and get things done!

The first few years of your business are crazy for sure! And trying to get your systems in place is half the battle.  But you didn't start your business to be a slave to it.  Hopefully these tips will help you get out of working 80 hours a week and streamline some of your activities.

Time Stamps

(2:34) Tip #1 – Time Tracking
(4:05) Tip #2 – What is it that only you can do, and what do you like to do?
(5:25) Tip #3 – Batching
(7:27) Tip #4 – Take Charge of your Calendar
(12:10) Project Management Tool We Use
(12:50) What's your favorite tip – and share your tips with us!


Toggl – Time Tracking 
ClickUp – Project Management





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