Ep 02 | Why Networking is Important, Offline & Online

What's your favorite way to network in your business?  Leave us a comment below!

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I sat down with Kristy Starr to talk about networking.  It's such an important part of your business strategy and doesn't just mean meeting in person.  We'll talk about how to be effective in person and then take it online!

PS – I didn't realize the power of my mic.  Sorry about the barking dog! :/

Show Notes

(2:16) What is Beers and Business Cards and how did it start?
(4:35) What's the format of the event
(5:50) Why is in person networking still so powerful in this digital age?
(7:22) Is there a negative side to networking?
(9:00) Why being in person can be impactful
(9:40) Online networking is free so it's easier…but is it better?
(10:55 ) Different types of networks
(12:13) What stops people from coming to networking events.
(13:55) Coming from a mind frame of abundance
(14:50) What to do when you enter the room
(18:15) Should you come prepared with questions?
(20:00) Body language
(22:29) Quick tips
(24:18) How to take in-person networking online
(29:25) How to use online space to plan your in-person networking events
(30:25) Leveraging the private Facebook groups
(31:14) Last thoughts
(31:53) Conclusion


Wolf Advantage – Body Language Experts

Beers and Business Cards


Kristy Starr

Kristy Starr

Founder, Beers and Business Cards


Kristy is the founder of Beers and Business Cards and is a passionate person for helping others be their best self.

If you're interested in Beers and Business Cards and becoming a member be sure to check it out!



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