Online Fundraising Virtual Summit / 2021

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Welcome to the Online Fundraising Virtual Summit.

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Day 5


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Course Outline

  • Day 1
    • Metric Tracking for Fundraising Success with Megan Fries
    • Business Unusual – Getting Your Leadership Over the Virtual Hump with Kari Anderson
    • Make Your CRM Work for You: Automate Repetitive Tasks and Enjoy Your New Found Time with Roxanne Fry
    • How to Pick the Right Payment Processing Solution with Jen Nielesky
    • Creating a Monthly Donor Program Inspired by Your Favorite Subscription with Sami Bedell-Mulhern
  • Day 2
    • Running Smart, Automated and Super Integrated A/B Experiments with Google Optimize with Mandy Thompson
    • Increasing Revenue with Recurring Donations with Michelle Frechette
    • The Journey from Email Subscribers to Monthly Donors – Creating an Email Series That Works! with Sara Hoshooley
    • Setting up your Website for Conversions with Sami Bedell-Mulhern
    • How to Build High-Level Donor Engagement with a Low-Effort Content Strategy with Lonna Whiting
  • Day 3
    • Building Systems that Create Deep Donor Relationships at Scale with Bryan Funk
    • You Got an Email… Now What? with Brady Josephson
    • Everyone Wins: Supercharging Social Fundraising with Mark Ulrich
    • Unlock Untapped Fundraising Potential: Converting Donors to Ambassadors with Lilly Stairs
    • Showing Empathy with your Donors with Ali Cammelletti
  • Day 4
    • Using the Google Ad Grant to Promote Your Organization with Grant Hensel
    • How to Pitch Your Nonprofit to a Podcast with Becky Endicott & Jon McCoy
    • Live Q&A
    • How Not to Suck at Asking Your Donors for Gifts with Patrick Kirby
    • Using Online Events (not fundraisers) to Boost Visibility with Sandra Julian
  • Day 5
    • Increasing your monthly donor amount over time with Taylor Cochran
    • How Sara Hoshooley set up her Monthly Donor Campaign
    • How the Guardian Group's Monthly Donor Campaign saved them during Covid with Andrea Perry
    • Speaker Q&A Replay

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