Ep 123 | Giving Tuesday with Patrick Kirby

Please know that we say this with love. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Because it's the organizations that get really confusing when every five minutes they get tired of not waiting for something to hit or you don't get enough likes. Tne then they change the messaging. And...

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Ep 121 | Show Up – Even When You Think No One is Watching

Being a generation that appreciates instant gratitude, sometimes we tend to stop whatever we are doing when we see things not just going to our expectations. Today, I’m gonna tell you why showing up continues to matter and how it’s still going to continue to build...

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Ep 110 | Lessons Learned About Online Fundraising Events

In this episode you'll learn: → the power in storytelling.→ why it's important to really understand the goals of your event.→ how to leverage video you create for your event.→ why follow up is so important Resources Facebook CommunityGo from just listening to taking...

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Ep 109 | Subscription 101 with Paul Chambers

Yeah, and even if it is something where, you know, hey, here's where your money is going here is providing, you know, if I'm making a donation, and it's it's feeding 100 families that month, reminding me that you just fed another 100 families this month, that's really...

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Ep 102 | Diversify Your Donations

The average millionare has seven different streams of income. This allows you to have more stability in your financials and feel more confident in your growth. Does your nonprift have multiple streams of income? I'm sharing some ideas for ways you can create more...

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Ep 101 | The Importance of Asking

Why do some organizations get people to share on social but you don't? Why do some organization have an easier time getting their donors to give again, or volunteer more often? The easiest answer is this....THEY ASK!! If you ask for what you ned then you're much more...

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Ep 100 | My Favorite 9 Episodes From the Last 100

WOW! 100 episodes!! I can't believe it and am so thankful for all of you that listen each week. We've had some amazing episodes over the years so I'm sharing a few that have been the most popular and stood out to me. Want to skip ahead?  Here are some key takeaways:...

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Ep 94 | Starting Conversations with Patrick Kirby

One of my mentors, and I've used this, I've used this thing that he said, forever. For the longest period of time, one of my fundraising mentors said, Never ask for a major gift unless you know the name of your donors dog. And he said it now like it was in passing,...

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