Ep 230 | Building Your Marketing Around Your Fundraising Plan

Do you plan your marketing first or your fundraising first? For me, the answer is always your sales or fundraising goal. Marketing is meant to support your organizational goals. Don't get lost in the trap of working in silos where one isn't supporting the other! What...

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Ep 214 | Strategies for Growing Your Email List

Building your email list helps you stay top of mind, engaged and building trust with more potential donors. It also allows you to nurture and encourage your existing donors to give again! There are several ways to grow your email list and this podcast episode shares...

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Ep 213 | My New Newsletter Strategy

Recently, I made a big change when it comes to my email newsletter. A complete 180 to be fair. It's in its testing phase but I still wanted to share it with you. The reason being, things are fluid in the marketing space. If you truly know your audience then you can...

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Ep 211 | 5 Email Automations To Help you Raise More Money

Email automation can save you time and increase your revenue...how cool is that! There are so many different ways you can use automations at all stages of the donor journey. Here are five automations you can implement to help you grow your list, nurture your audience...

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Ep 193 | Marketing Hasn’t Changed At All

Marketing hasn't really changed that much, just HOW we market. It's time to take a step back and think about the actions we're taking. Do they make sense for what we're trying to accomplish, or are we doing them because we think we need to. This episode walks you...

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Ep 169 | Increasing Email Open Rates with Liz Wilcox

You put so much effort into your email marketing that you want. asmany people to open them as possible. So how do you increase the open rates? Some if these things might not be what you think. What you'll learn: → what metrics are important to pay attention to.→ easy...

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Ep 155 | Tasks You Can Batch For More Efficiency

When you put similar tasks together you get more done in less time. This is because you're not wasting brain energy on thinking about different tasks and switching between the resources to get them done. You might be wondering what that means as far as types of tasks...

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Ep 146 | Where to Start with Marketing

Building your marketing plan can feel overwhelming. Everyone has a different idea of what needs to be done and there are always trends that come about. But what do you really need to be doing and what maybe can wait for later? That's what we talk about in this episode...

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Ep 144 | The Formula for Your Regular Newsletter

You know you need to be sending regular emails to your list, but do you get stuck with what you should be putting in them? Don't let that hold you back rom nuturing your list and keeping them engaged. I'm giving you an easy formula for you to use when you sit down to...

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Ep 138 | 5 Ways to Segment your List for Better Messaging

In this episode, I talk about the five segments you can set up in your business. I share some insights o why I love email marketing, where your email becomes the most magical, how to organize your list, and the five areas you can segment within your email list. Tune...

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Ep 122 | Building a Welcome Sequence with Sarah Cook

Yeah, I mean, what a welcome sequence is, it's a series of emails that your organization writes one time, and puts them on automation, so that as soon as a new subscriber joins your list, they will automatically receive this welcome the sequence of emails. So it's...

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Ep 100 | My Favorite 9 Episodes From the Last 100

WOW! 100 episodes!! I can't believe it and am so thankful for all of you that listen each week. We've had some amazing episodes over the years so I'm sharing a few that have been the most popular and stood out to me. Want to skip ahead?  Here are some key takeaways:...

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Ep 92 | Storytelling with Kari Anderson

As a nonprofit you have a lot of stories you can share with potential donors to share your impact. How you share these stories can make a big impact. Kari Anderson is here to share ways to be more intentional with your stories and the ways you approach this.  In this...

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Ep 70 | 4 Reasons NOT to use Email Marketing

Don't be scared to start email marketing. It's a powerful tool in your marketing toolbox and there is not better time than now to get started! Email marketing is one of my favorite things. But it's also something I get push back on quite a bit from all types of...

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Ep 41 | Grow your Email List with Quizzes

Content Creation Email Marketing Organization Social Media Website Digital Marketing Therapy PodcastCategories Having a robust email list helps you grow your business...but how do you get people on your list?  I'm chatting with Linda and Wendy about how quizzes can...

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Ep 14 | How to Create Sales Funnels

Content Creation Email Marketing Organization Social Media Website Digital Marketing Therapy PodcastCategories Sales funnels - ick!  They can be so overwhelming.  Hilary Sutton had lots of questions and I'm sure they'll resonate with you!  Check it out. Time for...

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6 Steps to Creating an Email Marketing Campaign

Content Creation Email Marketing Organization Social Media Website Digital Marketing Therapy PodcastCategoriesCreating an email campaign for your business will go a long way to helping you grow your business, staying top of mind, and increasing revenue for your...

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Intro to Email Marketing

Content Creation Email Marketing Organization Social Media Website Digital Marketing Therapy PodcastCategoriesDo you use email marketing for your business?  If you aren't then you really should be!  Email marketing has the highest ROI of any digital marketing activity...

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